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    electrical connection at deck for mast wiring

    hunter 260/ i need to replace the male connector terminating the mast wiring at the deck fitting. whats this called? thank you!!
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    leave h260 in the water over winter

    hi all, i was planning on keeping my 02 h260 in the water over the winter. i plan on pumping out the ballast tank and i have a bubbler at my dock if needed. does anyone have experience with this and are their any issues i should be concerned with? appreciate your thoughts-
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    260 interior cabin light replacement

    i would like to swap out the original lights with leds. i am not near my boat. anyone have the spec/ # of the lamp?? thanks
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    merc 9.9 outboard on my 260- help please

    hi ALL- splashed my 260 yesterday and did lower and upper gear and oil changes. when i disconnected the battery cables to this electric start motor i unfortunately didnt take any pics. can someone look at my posted pics and give me some direction as to which wires from the rectifier/ regulator...
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    h260 centerboard line

    how is the center board line connected to the centerboard once it passes the lower sheave on the cb bracket?? i am looking at the manual but does not show or describe it. thanks
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    h260 rudder post removal

    hi all, trying to remove my rudder post (h20 w/ wheel). one of the welded tabs at the bottom of post/ flange has cracked and needs a weld. having problems removing the bolt at mid point where connected to the steering cables. any advice??? much appreciated!!
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    h260 lost my rudder

    Saturday we were out in the ocean city nj inlet with about 15-18k of wind and 4' surf on a close haul when "POP". Boat rounded up and i realized after looking aft the rudder sheared off. the boat has wheel steering. has anyone with wheel steering replaced their rudder? if so, i would be...
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    h260 bow roller

    hi all bought an 02 260 a few months ago and have been enjoying the boat this summer. the main reason i sold our j80 and went to the 260 was shallow waters and hanging on the hook! the boat has a short stubby roller (about 7-8") and cannot accommodate the danforth in the up position. so each...