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    Catalina 315

    ....the two best days of a boat owner.....
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    Advice on how to Sell a boat today.

    If donation is in the cards, many maritime schools do accept boats.
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    Can a Catalina 22 Cruise at 10 Knots Under Power?

    YES ! there a numerous companies that transport sailboat on barge and ship. Most will do greater than 10 kts
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    What's the BIGGEST Selling Point When Shopping for A New/Used Boat?

    to be successful you'll need to identify and your target buyers.. Look for someone from the midwest with little knowledge of the east coat and sailboats.....
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    Pedestal wiring

    To be clear, you have a pedestal guard? And the plotter is mounted to it? The shifter is mounted on the pedestal itself? The wiring( power) for the plotter runs up thru the deck, through the deck pads and up the guard? If correct, there is most likely a bare spot on your power feed. Since the...
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    Pulled my tank after hauling out 2 yrs ago.. Needed to have our septic tank pumped so positioned the holding tank over the septic tank clean out. Released the residual contents and then flushed the tank until odors and water ran clear. Re-installed the tank in the spring with an isolating PVC...
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    Lazy Jacks

    My lines are mast mounted about half way between the spreaders and the mast head. At a spot about 2' below the spreaders there are blocks on each line. The blocks support a line that has a brass clip on each end. One end clips to a strap on the aft end of the stack pack. The forward end of the...
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    What Makes a Good Anchorage?

    you folks don't know what a good anchorage has....
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    Flares. How do you dispose of them?

    Keep old flares and old charts... the flares might work.. and the charts....well the ATONS do get moved but the rocks are still in the same place....
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    Cable gauge Battery to switch

    — I just think oversized is safer in most instances like this. (Sometimes not true) People being people like to save $$$$. To that end they may buy a less expensive 8 ga wire when heavier is called for. Just like friction loss in a hose is reduced by larger diameter hoses, so too is the...
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    Auto Pilot for H34

    When we acquired our boat the electronic suite was in need of attention. The radar began giving up the ghost, the AP was also tired and the Data Marine also was problematic. Decided that the radar was the first priority. Research led me to Raymarine. Went with a touch screen e7 MFD. The next...
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    Anchor light where to?

    The requirements for display on boats 12m ( 39.4?) feet in length call for an all around mast head light with a rated visibility of 2nm. You are right on the cusp of 12m. I'd err on the side of caution and go with a 3nm rated light. Given that a lot of what is available is made in China, that...
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    "shhhh,....." Don't tell anyone but the most beautiful sailboat race is,....

    Tom, if we get an influx of flats, you'll be held responsible :snooty:
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    going over hull speed h41 regatta

    Isn't the engineering and scientific aspects of modern boat building amazing? Theoretical hull speed ? Remember when narrow beamed boats were considered the standard? Take the Bristol 32.. 32'4" overall and only 22 feet of waterline ! Lots of overhang fore and aft and with about 9.5' of beam...
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    1991 Hunter 35.5 Legend-Head Faucet Replacement

    Hunters are still in production.. Why not go to the horses mouth....
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    I need a slower boat.

    My log wheel filled up with tiny shrimp again...and stopped indicating. THEN I hit 8 kts GPS/SOG. Low and behold it started to indicate again...phew. BUT, it continually reports slower than the GPS. It was a new install this spring and I suspect that the thru hull body is not fully oriented...
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    CDI furler modification

    That furler was OEM. It came on a 1986 Oday. Your experience may limited to newer versions.
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    CDI furler modification

    I had a CDI on an Oday 272.. Piece of crap.. The extrusion connecters worn out easily and would allow the different foil extrusions to independent turn. This action would tear the luff tape. took the whole mess to a loft. Their professional fix was stop gap at best. Ended up replacing with a...
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    Let’s build a Sailors Music Playlist...

    " ...and his fate is still unknown"
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    Let’s build a Sailors Music Playlist...

    Grew up on this..Some may thing lyrics are politically incorrect.. they weren't when written..