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  1. Richard Bryer

    Solar powered Air Vents

    The outside cover is broken ( mast stepping steps!) and the motors are stopping. It looks like a full replacement.
  2. Richard Bryer

    Solar powered Air Vents

    Mine are square and white plastic. I am looking to replace with SS which would be stronger. Mast steppig on a windy day puts them in danger!
  3. Richard Bryer

    Solar powered Air Vents

    Looks like time to replace the solar air vents on my H34. The ones just forward of the mast. They have lasted a long time- could be original (1983) What brand and type ( rechargeable battery, breeze driven etc) would be recommended? The opening is 4.75 inch.
  4. Richard Bryer

    Unknown part found on H34

    May be a part that is standard on an older model of the CDI. It is what I have om mine and I think it is probably original- 1983
  5. Richard Bryer

    Unknown part found on H34

    It is the pulley set with rubber "wheels" that allow it to move up and down the base cylinder of a CDI furler with the down pull line. The furler has a cable halyard that runs up and down in the double track, when the head sail is hoisted then the luff is tightened by pulling a line that runs...
  6. Richard Bryer

    Diesel Dip Stick

    There is nothing more reliable or inexpensive than a dipstick ( tell BMW that!!) I use a wooden strip- about 1" wide and 1/4 thick. I marked it by dipping the stick, marking the spot, then filling the tank, marking the spot and marking it off in litres by calculating the space between divided...
  7. Richard Bryer

    H34 1984 3GMF engine mounts

    I have not replaced my mounts, but have lifted the engine twice to pull the shaft out ( with the coupling on- so that height is lots for mount replacement). I lifted the engine with my main sheet block set with the top attached to a 4x4 piece of wood across the companionway and the other end...
  8. Richard Bryer

    Followup on Exhaust host replacement on Hunter 290

    Mine is same since I bought the boat 16 years ago, and it was not new then- so could be original 36 years. anyone patched the fiberglass ones?
  9. Richard Bryer

    Iron Keel prepping and fairing and painting

    I had mine done 5 years ago, I contracted a guy who did it with that needle scalier device . It worked well but took quite a bit of time- it was only an inch or so dia. Not an expensive device. I coated with a rust proofing liquid immediately then Interlux 2000 one coat, then filled with...
  10. Richard Bryer

    ? Blister on Rudder 34

    I had a larger bulge on my rudder when I bought the boat 16 years ago. I am sure it was water inside that had frozen while on the hard. I ground the area out getting down to where the foam was white- about 1 inch down,( by the look of your picture that might be shallower) then filled it back in...
  11. Richard Bryer

    Painting bottom

    I would use a movable stand. I only had 4 pads as yours when I had my San Juan 24, and I could drop one at a time and leave down for ~10 min as long as the boat was level and the cradle as level. I have 6 pads on my H34 and I can drop one at a time. I drop and paint under, then paint for 10 or...
  12. Richard Bryer

    Battery store for the winter

    I have left mine on board ( and connected) for the past 16 years. I plug the charger in once a month for a few hours. I just changed the batteries this year, the oldest of the 3 was 14 years old, the newest 9 years old. They are Costco marine batteries, just standard deep cell marine. And we are...
  13. Richard Bryer

    Drilling rudder to drain water before freeze up

    I drilled 2X1/4 holes in the bottom of my rudder after I bought the boat in 2002 and fixed the bulge in it- probably caused by freezing water in it. I drilled up about 3". I fill them with about 1/2 inch of caulk- used 4200, silicone. outdoor caulk- what ever I have had handy. At haulout I pull...
  14. Richard Bryer

    sailing in Hudson Bay...

    I spent 14 months in Hudson Bay in my first job. I was a Meteorological Tech at Coral Harbour which is on Southhampton Island at the top of Hudson bay( former US Air force base). You are right about the mosquitoes DJ- they are larger and so many! The water is pretty cold and not sure how well it...
  15. Richard Bryer

    What's under H34 Starboard Cockpit Locker Shelf?

    I find that entry opening under that lazzarette shrinks a bit every year :-)
  16. Richard Bryer

    Winter Battery Maintenance

    I charge the batteries (3) before putting the cover on for the winter. I plug the charger into an extension cord and run it to the yard panel. Once a month I go to the yard and plug in the charger for 24 hours. I changed all three this year, the oldest was 14 years old, the newest was 9 years...
  17. Richard Bryer

    How much Deck Paint for H34 ?

    painting the deck ( including the cockpit, whole top ) is near the top of my to do list. I estimate there is near to 550 sq ft. Depends on the paint- Which paint are you planning to use? One coat? We have trouble getting two part paint here in Canada these days- I was thinking of Pettitt and...
  18. Richard Bryer

    1986 Shoal Draft H34 - New Owner Checking In

    Same with mine, Don
  19. Richard Bryer

    Hunter 34, or C&C 34?

    Wow again this year high water in your area! We didn't have to wear high rubber boots to step the mast this year!
  20. Richard Bryer

    Hunter 28.5 Keel rust removal

    I redid my hull and the iron keel 4 years ago- no rust at all when it was hauled out last fall and no rust bubbles this spring I stripped the keel with a compression driven "needle gun scaler. Took it down to as close as bare iron as possible. Immediately covered it with a rustproofing paint...