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  1. DayDreamer41

    FCC Moves Ahead With 5G Regardless

    Article from Boat US sounds as if this could impact all of us in a real negative way
  2. DayDreamer41

    Yanmar 1GM Water in Oil??

    My son and I have, as announced a few months back bought a new to us 1983 Soverel 33 with a single cylinder Yanmar 1 GM engine. My son has been working diligently on fixing the deck and hull areas that needed attention as well as a fresh coat of paint on the interior just to make her look nicer...
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    Safely at the Dock

    It always pays to listen to the weather reports and hopefully you are close enough to safe harbor when one of these pulls into town
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    Purchased a Soverel 33 Project Boat

    Well taking our racing to a new level! Just purchased a Soverel 33 complete with tandem axle trailer and (2) Symmetrical Spins (1) Asymmetrical (6) head sails and (2) mains. Boat has not been sailed since 2016 due to the previous owners health condition, sails have been stored indoors out of...
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    Shout Out for Chicago Yacht Rigging Inc

    Big Shout Out to Kristian Martincic of Chicago Yacht Rigging Inc, in my search for some Selden In Mast Furling parts I wasn't having much success, until I happened across CYR Inc, Kristian jumped on my request and my parts are going to arrive tomorrow 5/6/2020. I know these are difficult times...
  6. DayDreamer41

    Could Winter be over?

    This looks promising for us in the Great Lakes region...
  7. DayDreamer41

    Panama City Panama to Cancun Mx

    I have an interesting proposal to consider with assisting with the delivery of a sailing vessel from Panama City to Cancun Mx. Having never been, what would be the some of the biggest concerns should you be faced with this opportunity. The Captain I know well but he has never sailed these waters...
  8. DayDreamer41

    Flying the Asymmetrical Direct Down Wind

    Yesterday during a race in light air <8 on the first down wind leg (wind at our starboard quarter) we flew wing on wing which put us out of the hunt to finish respectfully, round the next mark to a reach and made up some ground but not enough on this short leg, next mark took us to DDW we set...
  9. DayDreamer41

    When to shut down the Iron Genny

    Yesterday, we headed out for the first race of the season, as approaching the starting area (about a mile out or so) I idled the engine and launched the sails. I hailed the committee boat to state my intentions of which they acknowledged. The committee announced a delay of about an hour to the...
  10. DayDreamer41

    Superior's Fury

    Waves washing up 40 ft cliffs towers of the trees.......Superior's might
  11. DayDreamer41

    New Sails Dimension Discovery

    I am having new sails made for our Sapphire and stopped by the loft to see how things were going this week. The owner and I went over the mainsail 3d graphic of which they send to their panel cutting machine (like a CNC machine), during that conversation he mentioned a peculiarity in the...
  12. DayDreamer41

    Charging System Upgrade Project

    Well I am diving deep into the world of charging systems and have started the acquisition process. Thus far I have secured a Balmar 6 series 150A Alternator, Balmar MC-614 voltage regulator, Balmar Serpentine Pulley kit, Blue Seas ML-ACR 7622, Class T 300A fuse block and fuse, Balmar SG-200...
  13. DayDreamer41

    Happy Thanksgiving To All

    May you and your family have a beautifully Blessed day today and always Lord, please do fill my heart with an abundance of gratitude. Help me to turn my eyes to Your infinite grace and mercy. Help me to see beyond the struggles of life and the burdens that get me down. In place of these...
  14. DayDreamer41

    Rating vs Boat vs Ability

    I am not new to sailing but am to racing and have a question regarding a boats rating compared to the crews ability. I am not a star performer and the boat I sail is not know for its speed, but there are those in the fleet that usually do very well, but against a particular boat all is lost. If...
  15. DayDreamer41

    Selden Furling Mast Winch

    We have the Selden furling mast which has a furling winch mount on the mast, now I have found that when reefing the main it is much easier to execute this task from the mast mount winch, the trouble is I don't have a winch handle that locks into the winch socket. The depth of the socket on the...
  16. DayDreamer41

    Ready for the PH to MAC

    This pulled into the river yesterday and what a ship it is "Wizard"
  17. DayDreamer41

    What would you do

    So, couple of weeks ago laying in bed, I am experiencing pressure in my chest and my left arm is throbbing a bit, the first thing I think of is heart attack, I pray for while and the symptoms subside and I fall asleep. Next day I tell my wife the story, she being a nurse immediately starts...
  18. DayDreamer41

    Docking Recommendations at or Near the Connecticut River Mouth

    My wife and I are considering a move from our home in Michigan to East Haddam CT, I am looking for recommendations for docking / mooring at or near the mouth of the Connecticut river. I would imagine that the closer I am to the mouth of the river or just off Long Island sound will determine...
  19. DayDreamer41

    March Madness

    Seems that this March has already brought some severe weather but if you believe the predictions brace yourself for yet another Nor Easter, one thing for sure winter is not letting go.....
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    Through a connection made on this forum my son and I were given a sailing treat out of Dana Point. Big shout out for Jeff @jeepbluetj had a great time sailing with you and only hope that I can return the favor some day, summers are beautiful up here if you get this way some day.