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  1. Ron20324

    An Anchoring Visual Guide for Chartplotters

    The Raymarne has a "track" function. When anchored, hit the start-track The Raymarine has a "track" function. Once anchored, put the start track...
  2. Ron20324

    PHOTODAY! A '10' anchorage.

    Here's my sailing club in Sweden this week. Can you believe it... all aground on the same rock:banghead:
  3. Ron20324

    Once a sailor, always a frog

    Just now got an email from a former slip-neighbor who sold his C30 a couple years ago. Bought a NICE motor home and traveled the USA for two years. Came home and sold the motorhome . I just now got an email he had thisvery morning accepted the survey and it's a done deal. Normally, I'd...
  4. Ron20324

    Once a sailor, always a frog

    Don't we charge double the SBO fee if you don't own a boat?
  5. Ron20324

    Question about head

    If people would read ALL these threads frequently, you would know those rods are failure-prone in due time. Same with the macerator... if you don't run water through to flush them out, the dirt will solidify and jam the impeller. Then people want to blame that cheapo pump brand.
  6. Ron20324

    Best way to drill a 2 5/16 hole adjacent to the breaker panel?

    Drill the same hole in a piece of wood, with mounting screw holes that the switch needs. Screw the block to the fiberglass and use it for a hole saw guide. Taping the hole an okay idea, but some folks would do a quick shot with the drill in reverse to break through the gel coat. That said, I...
  7. Ron20324

    How to run wires from bottom of mast to galley way entrance on a 1993 Hunter 33.5

    If you use that messenger to pull new wires, pull in a new messenger at the same time.
  8. Ron20324

    Sailing baltimore to Wye island

    I dunno... I heard it is alot better since they dredged and change the channel's route.
  9. Ron20324

    Windlass parts

    I hope you have large backing plates on the u-bolt and cleat.
  10. Ron20324

    Freezing fridge in Beneteau 323

    My 2006 323 you can't miss the thermo- it's on the front wall of the fridge. If you let things lay against the cold plate, they WILL FREEZE, like overnight. I assume yours has a shelf, and it should be okay to stand up bottles and cans.
  11. Ron20324

    One for the Chesey Guys

    Not the submarine one, but if you google Potomac Ghost Fleet you'll get alot of similar articles. Mallows Bay.
  12. Ron20324

    Unknown battery post part

    Those should be ny-lock nuts on those battery post.
  13. Ron20324

    Lazy Jacks

    On my B323 I changed the lazy jack arrangement to adjust them from the cockpit. In the OEM holes in the spreaders, I put twisted D shckles and ran the LJs through those to take some load off the spreaders. The LJs go above the spreaders up the mast to turning exit blocks so they come down INSIDE...
  14. Ron20324

    The New APSLTD - Apparel Only?

    Forumite Roger Long once pondered, "I like power boats but I bought a sailboat so I could hang out with a better class of people". Fair winds, Roger- wherever you are.
  15. Ron20324

    Water Pump Not Priming

    From the original post, when you shut off the accumulator, do you epen a faucet to let air out. Sounds to me like the accumulator had alreay pressurized the pump output with air, and awater can not pass through. The accumulator is back-pressurizing the pump?y 2 cents.
  16. Ron20324

    Unknown battery post part

    Reminds me of those ferrite things on some power supply cords. Maybe one big one serves the entire boat? My 2 cents.
  17. Ron20324


    I saw it this afternoon - Wednesday. Big screen for sure. It was GREAT. I got more than misty-eyed during some of it- especially the ending. This may be the last week in the theaters here, so don't put off seeing it.
  18. Ron20324

    Headset communication or "marriage savers"

    Why not just pick up the phone and call her?
  19. Ron20324

    Tempering Valve Recommendation?

    I have neither check valves added nor expansion tanks. It all works fine. I find after a night on the hook the water in the morning is hotter and more plentiful.
  20. Ron20324

    Keel wrap -- or -- The perfect figure eight

    As the saying goes, "There has been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about".