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  1. redhead78

    Anchorages or mooring availability in Florida keys

    hi all. I’m in jersey now for holidays returning to ft pierce 1-8 where I left boat for the holidays. I plan to head south to the keys and was wondering if anyone had info on moorings and anchorages . red
  2. redhead78

    cruising apps for Ipad

    Hi all I am looking for an app on my Ipad that I can use for charts and navigation. I am not real tech savy, but not terrible. I keep hearing about these apps you can use to go along with or use with your chartplotter. I have a garmin 741XS that is great. Backup? I will be going from FT pierce...
  3. redhead78

    cruising from miami area to key west

    hey guys, finally made the trip fro nj I'm currently in fernandia beach fla, going to continue to Lauderdale area next 10 days. From there I plan to leave the boat for 2 weeks and fly home for xmas.When back I am going to the keys, and am looking to buy a chartkit or spiral bound book, any...
  4. redhead78

    Raritan Phil won't flush in dry mode

    Hi Peggy thanks for your help. Toilet is 3 years old lightly used , only happened once last week in dry mode only then in AM was okay. I am now using the head everyday for last 12 days as I am headed south. It's never been rebuilt. Thx Red
  5. redhead78

    Raritan Phil won't flush in dry mode

    Hey all havin a little trouble wf my head water in bowl won't flush in dry mode pump seems limp real easy ? Any thoughts? Red
  6. redhead78

    anchorages between atlantic highlands and AC

    Thanks guys, I figured as much, and I am going to depart from highlands early hopefully to reach A/C in daylight and decide whether or not to anchor or straight to cape may, conditions will dictate . Red
  7. redhead78

    anchorages between atlantic highlands and AC

    Hey all , I'm cruising south and looking for anchorage between Atlantic city and atlantic highlands, anybody know ofany spots Red
  8. redhead78

    Would you sail around the world in this boat? I would.

    My 2 cents, our children are in more danger when they walk out the door and get into a car, and that's just one small way to buy the farm on land. I think she was safer in the boat. BTW, if you check my avatar my boat happens to be same thing, only a 1977, and a sloop not a catch. Had it over 20...
  9. redhead78

    New fridge efficiency!

    Jack, I also installed a small isotherm 3201 ASU, small plate, I really was impressed with the ASU," automatic start up". I installed 1 layer of 1/2" foil coated blue strofoam glued on all side walls followed by a 1/2" layer of Azek sheet, glued over it, for better efficiency. Then installed the...
  10. redhead78

    Cruise intercoastal

    Hey guys thanks for all excellent ideas, I have skipper Bob, Active captain I will definitely check out as well as the waterway guide.Captain Pete, Iam in Keyport yacht club, are you in Great Kills, would like to swap some thoughts.I am currently up river in peekskill ny Viking marina my normal...
  11. redhead78

    Cruise intercoastal

    Hey captain Pete I am at the keyport Yacht club, from June on. Right now I am still up the river in peekskill ny,at the Viking boatyard getting the boat ready for the season. Are you in the great kills club? Red
  12. redhead78

    propeller paint

    my motor is a Kubota 35hp 4cyl, It has not hit the water yet Ill let you know, I'm looking forward to better performance when reversing too, we'll see..Red
  13. redhead78

    propeller paint

    happy Easter all...I've got a question on prop, I just bought a new one and wondering should I paint with the Petite prop paint, I'm in Keyport NJ salt water?
  14. redhead78

    Dinghy and motor choice

    thanks for all your input guys it was a great deal of help. I ended up at the defender spring sale and got a mercury hypalon, with fiberglass bottom, 8'2", and a 5hp tohatsu outboard,also a set of forespar davits, thanks again, happy summer!! Red
  15. redhead78

    dinghy lites and registration #,s

    Hey all I bought a dink at defender and was wondering about run lts, and reg #,s and how to attach. Red
  16. redhead78

    Cruise intercoastal

    Hey all,if all goes well hope to be heading south this coming fall from the raritan area in NJ. Can anyone suggest good cruising guides-charts for the intercoastal that has local info..anchorages,moorings , fuel ......goal is somewhere warm to hang out for cold weather..Florida?? Thanks Red
  17. redhead78

    Why do some sailboats, sail more than others?

    I think its the sailors comfort level boat has an old type sailplanes meaning main is. Very large full baton type with a full cable halyard and winch is called a "widowmaker" I need to pull it down with a lot of effort , not to mention my furled on headsail had its own attitude,a bad...
  18. redhead78

    Dinghy and motor choice

    Hey guys thanks for the great input,you have given me lots of info to help me with my choices. Great help ..Red
  19. redhead78

    Dinghy and motor choice

    Happy early spring all,hope all are well. I am going to buy a dingy and motor at defender spring sale and was looking for some input from you guys. Dinghy for say 3 adults for some cruising with outboard. I would like to keep outboard on small size for easier handling say 4 Hp. Any ideas would...
  20. redhead78

    new prop

    yea sorry I was all over the place must have forgot my Ritalin. thanks Red