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    Best Cell phone data coverage in the Chesapeake and ICW to Oriental NC

    Verizon will be the best. AT&T is almost non-existent in Oriental.
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    Still outraged and need to vent

    Higher end businesses charge more because they can. If you prefer to stay at the Motel 6, you can. That’s the beauty of choice. Obviously, if no one chose the Hilton, they would change their ways. I, for one, stay at Hilton’s rather than Motel 6’s. It is my choice, and I will not criticize...
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    Still outraged and need to vent

    Obviously, I'm going to take a different tack on this. I don't understand being "outraged" with someone charging for a product or service that costs them to install and maintain. I can understand being surprised with the change, and even with the amount. Moorings are cost items. If a business...
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    Photoday! Show your boat, anchored.

    Racoon Cay in the Jumentos. I like lots of room.
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    New iPad

    Navionics will not purchase Explorer data. They made a business decision...a bad one, in my opinion. Explorer data is integrated in the C-Map charts and also on Garmin devices. It is amazing how bad the Navionics charts are in the southern Bahamas, like the Ragged Islands and southern Exumas...
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    Raymarine E-120

    I make the Navionics comment based on the Bahamas. When you go to the Bahamas, you should make sure you have the Exporer Charts on board as they are fantastic in every respect. I like my CP to match up with them when I'm there. It's unnerving to know you are in Galliot Cut and your CP shows...
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    Raymarine E-120

    Just in case you might go ahead and begin thinking about a complete upgrade and get a new CP, Navionics data for the Bahamas is poor. Navionics will not buy Explorer data, and Explorer charts are the Gold Standard for the Bahamas. As far as I know, Garmin and C-Map are the only data sources...
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    Why I don't have in mast furling.

    Like I stated earlier, I had in-mast furling for 13 years and 30,000 NM. I never had to go up the mast to deal with the mainsail, for any reason. Steve
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    Why I don't have in mast furling.

    I had IMF for 13 years and 30,000 NM. I have done deliveries with all other types of main systems. They all have issues. I've seen main slides hang up, bolt ropes binding, lazy jack systems failing at the wrong time, etc. I prefer IMF. The only difficulties I ever had were because the main...