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  1. seadaddler

    External Bow Thruster Install on a H41DS

    The unit had a drain screw on bottom outside and added oil and let it drain again and everything was good no real water or metal and been fine. You need to look your manual or contact manufacturer.
  2. seadaddler

    H33 refrigeration question

    I have front door opening on my ref on my 2007 H-36 and we do cruise here in Florida for 3 weeks anchored mostly and so got Engel portable and also got a Edge Star portable much less $$$ than the Engel and they both use very low battery power. I do have 4-6 volt batteries and 2 solar panels...
  3. seadaddler

    Cable gauge Battery to switch

    1/0 is pretty standard from battery to 1/2 both switch and main breaker panel. Nick
  4. seadaddler

    38ft Hunter VS Davit Recommendations?

    I never did want Davits on my 2007 H-36 but after trying all ways to carry my dinghy and watching many club members having Davits and we anchor out a lot so I installed Ocean Davits and now love them and make our life so easy when sailing up and down SW Florida. I do leave my 8 hp outboard on my...
  5. seadaddler

    Looking for Portable Generator Options

    I know a few who have Honda 2000 and hard start but a I am sure others will jump in for sure. Nick
  6. seadaddler

    Masthead Light

    Replaced with Led and when anchored around many other boats ours is easy to find because it is the brightest Nick
  7. seadaddler

    External Bow Thruster Install on a H41DS

    You could drain the oil when ever hauling as for new bottom paint and check for water and helped a friend do this recently with other unit. We drained the oil and refilled with new and at same time check for metal bits or water.
  8. seadaddler

    Vinoy Marina in St. Pete Florida?

    I stayed there a few nights this past fall and very protected in most slips and went in there because wind was forecasted to be very high wind and while tied up in slip we were not rocking and rolling and did stay in there at the city mooring balls and when wind I think out of north was very bad...
  9. seadaddler

    H356 diffult to reach the main sail leach line

    I am very interested so maybe a little drawing could show how you doing that. Nick
  10. seadaddler

    Seawater Inlet Hose

    I had same problem on my 2007 H-36 /3YM30 and my inlet sea water hose had a bend to go on sea water pump and the hose seemed to restrict water flow so got a new hose but one size kind of small and next size too big. The bend at the end going on pump was very hard to do so got longer hose and...
  11. seadaddler

    Yanmar fuel filter/pump question

    Yes I went with the Racor 500 many years ago and yes they are pricey but they are so easy to change and the filter is so much cheaper and they work great and over a few years the high cost is not so bad and you will not be sorry and so happy you did the 500. Nick
  12. seadaddler

    Shaft Seal Bellows Hose Clamps

    I put super lube on the shaft and spray lube on the clamps and no rust or corrosion. Nick
  13. seadaddler

    Head mirror

    I have same setup and need to take it off and go to glass store for new mirror and check around not all charge same and ask them what to use. Don’t remember but used special glue and forget what material and check different glass store for prices and I got up and down $$$. Nick
  14. seadaddler

    Dripping Dripless

    I was told super grease does not hurt any rubber seals and agree use grease keeps the stainless parts and the PSS from pitting and from corrosion. I use lots Super Grease. Nick
  15. seadaddler

    waste pumpout

    Most macerator pumps are chopping up and it is a down ward pumping out maybe not made to pump up ward and you are dealing with some messy smelly stuff so be careful. Is there some place else to pump out like a pump out boat like we have here in Punta Gorda or go to a marina who has a better...
  16. seadaddler

    Dripping Dripless

    Yes clean very fine sand paper also in between the 2 collars put very fine sand paper in between and rotate the shaft with sand paper in between and think they tell you on PYI website how to do this and than check to see if you need to compress 1/2 inch. I have done this a few times the cleaning...
  17. seadaddler

    Hunter 216 spinnaker inside or outside gybe preference

    Do a internet search and I saw a video how to setup spinnaker. Nick
  18. seadaddler

    I Just Learned An Expensive Lesson

    Just a Warning when changing the oil and filter, a friend just changed the oil & filter on a trawler very big diesel and after putting on filter and adding oil let it run and went in house for something and came back out with alarm blasting low oil pressure and find out all or most of the oil...
  19. seadaddler

    Suggestions for navigation software for Ipad

    OMG I just look up price of your Racegeek D10 Holly Molly I race and have my Raymarine C-80 and Ipad with Navionics at helm eye level and my Depth & Knot speed forward and sorry even Raymarine has something that gets mounted on mast and think it’s $500;maybe more and RaceGeek around $1400. Nick
  20. seadaddler

    Bottom Paint

    Most sailors use ablative because they are afraid of build up over the years and hard bottom would be much better for our water in harbor. Takes me 5 minutes to get out into harbor and so I get a lot of water movement at my dock and our harbor is a mix of the gulf and the peace river. Nick