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    I found a Catalina 28 Group w great Wiki

    That is the reincarnation of the yahoo group. You can get there direct at
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    AIS Installation

    I ran that cabling through one of the pedestal guard tubing (1-1/4"). I used a piece of coax cable as a snake to pull cables through. And there is still room in that one tube for more. 1. SeaTalkNG network cable 2. 16 gauge duplex power wire for USB plug 3. 16 gauge duplex power wire for MFD 3...
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    AIS Installation

    One thing to think about. SOTDMA Class B is the future. If you live somewhere with a lot of marine traffic, the old-school CSTDMA Class B units may result in you not transmitting your position very often. I mounted mine right next to my VHF radio. The unit I bought has a built-in active...
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    Bow Falls off!

    I come in at 2.1 kts. Keep the engine engaged so the prop wash over the rudder gives you more control. I have a 3 bladed 13x10 prop, and it will stop me in about 5 feet of travel from that speed. Your astern thrust will probably kick your stern to port, so plan to accommodate that. Don't come in...
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    USB at the Helm

    Dual USB outlet on the lower side of my NAVPOD facing the helm. Modern electronics are very shallow, so there is a lot of extra room in the navpod. Cutting the hole for the USB outlet is child's play with a stepped drill. Cuts like butter, leaves a smooth hole.
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    Raymarine EV-1 Sensor Location

    I installed my ACU behind the circuit panel. Not the best place, but that was where the S-1 controller was mounted. Installed the EV-1 as close to the center underneath the Vee Berth, bolted to the forward bulkhead. The fluxgate compass for my S-1 was mounted in the bilge, but I decided that...
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    Tiller pilot help

    I have a EV-100 wheel pilot on my Catalina 28 mk II, which is slightly smaller than your boat. It is a great autopilot, a huge improvement over the raymarine S-1 wheel pilot that I used to have. Does a wonderful job of tracking the wind on gusty days in "wind trim" mode, and tacking is a true...
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    Tight squeeze

    hatch slams shut, and the hasp engages.... and they will find your body in the summer... Your wife every ask you about your life insurance policy while you're wedged in there? Because that might be a warning sign.... Looks like you are replacing the vented loop for the ??? I know I have two...
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    Chart Plotter Replacement

    I don't know, sailing during "thunderstorm season" in the summer in Tampa/St Petersburg kind of sucks.
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    Chart Plotter Replacement

    Here you go.... $250 from Anchor Express. I bought my NavPod 1040 from them, and they are drop shipped from the NavPod factory in Oregon. I have purchased...
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    In gear or not under sail?

    Reverse. Regardless of what direction the current is flowing by your boat.
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    Is it worth getting a folding steering wheel for 310?

    Steering the boat while it is moored to the dock, with no sails raised? arrghhh! just guessing.
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    Universal 25XPB

    Thanks, appreciate your input. That is encouraging news.
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    Universal 25XPB

    So I am looking at buying a Catalina 28 Mk II, and one of the things that spooks me is that it has a Universal 25XPB with a ZF10M gear box. It vibrates excessively at about 900-1000 rpm (yes I understand that the idle is set way to slow), and it smooths out when the engine rom is advanced to...