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  1. BillyK

    Autopilot - quick and hard or long and soft?

    Do all Wheel autopilots have quick harsh moves like mine? this is not the best example, but when it adjusts it really seems to hit the wheel with a sharp motion. its not easy on it. and I don't like how much pressure that is putting on the steering system overall. i would prefer a softer...
  2. BillyK

    An Actually portable Air Conditioner?

    Anyone happen to see or give this a try? seems like something that would be good to keep a vbirth or sleeping birth cool. i'm considering it for use while on the hook and driving it off the house bank with a 12-24v converter.
  3. BillyK

    Need a measurement of the Sanitation Host

    Defender is the the middle of their spring sale.. and since i don't have access to the boat due to the yard being closed, does anyone have the length of the sanitation hose from the head to the black water tank? i want to order the Raritan 10 year hose.. Thanks!
  4. BillyK

    Boatyard shut down due to COVID

    Anyone else's boatyard shutdown? went down this morning and found a note on a locked gate. "Closed until further notice due to Coronavirus, call the office with any questions"..
  5. BillyK

    Cleaning under the sole

    Have a new to us Catalina 310 which i believe i discovered the reason the PO sold.. She has a leaky tank.. it was very slow at first and i did notice some, but it appeared to be coming from the fuel sender gasket.... but two weeks ago, it let go out of the bottom of the tank into our bilge...
  6. BillyK

    Exhaust Tape?

    Hi All.. Does anyone know what the metallic wrap is around the exhaust riser? I peeled ours off to inspect the riser. I've been able to get the fiberglass wrap back on but i'm not sure what this metallic foil actually is. everything i find online says not for use on headers or exhaust...
  7. BillyK

    Galley Shelf

    Anyone know where to find this hanging galley shelf? or is it something we have to build..?
  8. BillyK

    what is this?

    Anyone have an idea as to what this is on the end of the mast? looks like you can screw a lightbulb into it.. it faces towards the bow.
  9. BillyK

    Engine cover/stairs

    I've been doing all this work on the engine mounts/trans/driveline/etc.. And i'm looking at this engine box molded out of fiberglass and cant help but see just how much space there is around the starboard size of the engine along with a bunch of wasted space for the bottom step.. There is...
  10. BillyK

    Hurth ZF 5M Transmission Input shaft needed

    The splines are shot on my ZF 5M.. Looking for a unit with good splines to replace my bad one.. Thanks..
  11. BillyK

    Rabbit hole

    Hi All, bought our new to us 2004 210 3 months back..And so i've now started down the old rabbit hole.. so far, here's the winter list.. New engine mounts - shaft was log knocking at certain rpms.. (the price!!!! outch! but ordered the OEM's anyway for ease of install.) new fuel lines and...
  12. BillyK

    Rechargeable Rail Light.

    anyone give one of these a shot? seems like a good solution that doesn't involve drilling holes or running wires.
  13. BillyK

    Pots and pans

    Anyone come up with creative solutions for how or where to stow pots and pans?
  14. BillyK

    New to the 310 club and Engine Mounts.... Again...

    Hi all... i've joined the 310 owners club with a 2004! and right out of the gate i need to install new mounts.. i've read through all the engine mount threads and i haven't seen anyone talking about how an after market set worked out.. Right now my original mounts are sagging to the point...
  15. BillyK

    rocking on anchor

    Has anyone used a Rock 'n' Roll Stabilizer System or anything similar? Last year we were out to watch the airshow off of Atlantic City, and it was just about unbearable with how much we were rolling (tick tocking) on the hook. looking for a bought or possible DIY solution to the issue...
  16. BillyK

    Stantion idiots..

    I've always hated the stantion design on sailboats. Mine included. i cringe when every dock boy i encounter pushes with his body weight on the top of my stantion to defend from the dock. i have to always tell them to please push at the rail, not the top of the post. Cost is a factor, but i'd...
  17. BillyK

    Anyone know how SeaView Harbor Marina made out?

    I'm dieing to know how our marina did with Sandy.. Anyone have any status? There were still boats in the water there when i went by last saturday.
  18. BillyK

    Damage reports...

    How did your marina fare? Anyone know if SeaView harbor in long port survived?
  19. BillyK

    Mast pumping in slip

    Last night I was trying to sleep and the wind must have been from just the right direction and speed that it caused my mast to pump or oscillate.. So I twisted some heavy line around a halyard and wrapped the mast below the spreaders.. The crazy part of this is that it totally worked! Figured...
  20. BillyK

    Blue water over the bow

    Tried to go out into the ocean today off the cost of Atlantic City NJ.. the longport inlet has really filled in with sand and all the waves are really building in the slot. i could see the ocean was calm, but trying to beat out through the inlet i took three blue water shots over the bow and...