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  1. BillyK

    Up the mast with spinnaker halyard?

    When i've gone up the mast, i've attached every halyard available to myself.
  2. BillyK

    Cracked Floorboard: Repair / Replacement

    i agree with what others are saying here.. I've used thinned epoxy in the past when there is material damage like this. it is able to better wick into the fibers and form a good bond. Then put a small piece of trim over the top of the break to hide it. you could even glue the trim down to...
  3. BillyK

    Replacing prop shaft

    i lifted the motor to get the shaft out the other way into the cabin. i do believe if i took the cutlass out, i would have been able to get it past the rudder though.. i was replacing the engine mounts anyway so did it as part of that activity.
  4. BillyK

    Full Bilge

    any update?
  5. BillyK

    Propane heater

    Look at that spinner Depth Finder! i loved those..
  6. BillyK

    Sending Unit Leaking

    i had 5 gallons of diesel in my bilge last winter from a failed tank. tried every cleaning product known to mankind with no joy in getting the smell out of everything inside the boat. It happened over the winter so the diesel just sat for months unnoticed giving it a serious chance to work...
  7. BillyK

    My Favorite Job of the Year

    I liked the Jabesco for ease of maintenance when i had it.. but clearly the Raritan PHll is a solid number 2! You probably want to wipe your memory of that old Jabesco now.. I bet you looked pretty flushed after doing all that work...
  8. BillyK

    Cutlass Bearing Replacement

    It's interesting when you start poking at the boat like this actually.. my cutlass actually needed replacement, which lead into an avalanche of repair and replace last winter. i went in to replace the cutlass and really only the cutlass.. what turned out being replaced was.. Cutlass - too...
  9. BillyK

    Cutlass Bearing Replacement

    if it's been in that long and it has no play or any symptoms of issues.. then leave it alone. You will most likely be not only replacing the cutlass, but the shaft as well due to wear. You'll also have to go through the process of repacking and tuning the packing gland also. But if you are...
  10. BillyK

    Autopilot - quick and hard or long and soft?

    Ok.. thanks for the input all. Raymarine ST5000+
  11. BillyK

    Autopilot - quick and hard or long and soft?

    I've set it all the way down to 1 and it still has the same motor input but seems to just correct less and looses heading.
  12. BillyK

    Autopilot - quick and hard or long and soft?

    Do all Wheel autopilots have quick harsh moves like mine? this is not the best example, but when it adjusts it really seems to hit the wheel with a sharp motion. its not easy on it. and I don't like how much pressure that is putting on the steering system overall. i would prefer a softer...
  13. BillyK

    First time boat owner (Catalina 310) with basic questions about electrical and plumbing

    I never open the seacock to let it in and only flush using drybowl each time since the flush water rains from above. So sea water never gets a chance to make smells..
  14. BillyK

    First time boat owner (Catalina 310) with basic questions about electrical and plumbing

    i went with a mix of red/white and blue/white that looks really nice at night.. blue's along the sides of the boat and red's on all the overhead lights. bought all of the LEDs from Marine & RV LED Replacement Bulbs
  15. BillyK

    First time boat owner (Catalina 310) with basic questions about electrical and plumbing

    These 310's have a shower faucet right above the back of the head. It's easy to just run water directly from that faucet right into the head.. We always flush with fresh water shot directly into the bowl from that faucet. it gives you the added benefit of shooting the stuck turds off the...
  16. BillyK

    DON’T Bring your boat to Lake Minnetonka!

    I would say prime time has passed, but there will always be sailors. And you never know.. One of the next generations may be moved back towards sailing due to the ecological aspects and wanting to be closer to nature.. i used to power boat, and i never realized the difference in how connected...
  17. BillyK

    Mast base wiring connections

    did you drain them first?
  18. BillyK

    Mast base wiring connections

    How did you get these monsters out? i'm going to be doing the same over this winter.
  19. BillyK

    A week in Jamaica

    You did this in your 310?
  20. BillyK

    Catalina 310 transmission problems

    The thread inspired me to get moving on installing the cooler.. i just ordered one from a guy in Florida.. $113 for the water block. Some places seem to be selling it for over $300 which is ridiculous. here's the link. Simplicity Marine Products - Contact Form