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  1. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Nasty Surprise

    In that case, I suggest you get it from and avoid international shipping charges altogether. Or ANY shipping charge if you get the kindle edition (the kindle app is available for any tablet). Yep you definitely should.. 'cuz the 1st edition is not only hopelessly out of date but...
  2. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    361 where in boat is the dock AC inlet fuse ?

    How old is that standard? I'm only asking because both of my last two boats were built before 1990 (1985 and 1979), yet both more than met that standard...the breaker panels on both of 'em were less than 5' from the shore power inlets. I also had GFIs in three locations--the galley receptacles...
  3. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    361 where in boat is the dock AC inlet fuse ?

    This isn't normally in my wheelhouse, but I've owned enough boats to know what to look for. There should be two breaker panels--one for the 12v devices and one for the 115v (or whatever it is in CA) AC equipment. Each one should have a main breaker that turns all the breakers on the panel off...
  4. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Nasty Surprise

    Nope...any y-valve in the TOILET DISCHARGE line has nothing to with incoming flush only allows you select whether to flush into the tank or out the thru-hull--which DOES have to be open or it will just just sit in the line between the y-valve and the thru-hull and could even back up...
  5. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Nasty Surprise

    What was your "detection" method? And yes, the tank vent thru-hull does have to be well above the waterline. Odor inside the boat and odor out the tank vent have to be from different sources...the odor outside the boat is from the inside of the tank, pushed out the vent. Unless the tank is...
  6. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    sink exhaust hose advice

    You don't want to use any clear fresh water hose for sink drains...most aren't rated for below-waterline connection and mold and algae will turn those that are black and ugly. I'd go with this one --Peggie
  7. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    New H260 owner marine head question and Zebra mussels.

    I'll let others tell you how to secure a strainer or "perforated" metal cover on the outside of a thru-hull that may or may not have to removed for cleaning, but I will say that 5200 is the last thing you should even consider using anywhere on a boat! No reason not to use screws if it's designed...
  8. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    New H260 owner marine head question and Zebra mussels.

    Totally uncalled for, Ralph and untrue. And as a power boat owner all my life, I don't appreciate it. --Peggie
  9. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    New H260 owner marine head question and Zebra mussels.

    A screen on the thru-hull is definitely called don't need a marine intake line and vented loop (which should be installed, but I'd bet money it wasn't) clogged up with dead sea life. However, I'm gonna throw out a suggestion that's definitely worth considering: replace the Jabsco...
  10. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Wilcox Crittenden to Raritan PhII

    Sorry, not true. The PH SuperFlush (current version of the PHII toilet) base assembly mounting bolt pattern is an exact match for Jabsco and other manual toilets, but the PHII pump is not a "plug & play" replacement on any other manual toilet base. Raritan used to offer a PHII "conversion"...
  11. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Raritan Electro-Scan waste handling system In New York

    Welcome aboard Mathias! You'll find a complete list of No Discharge Zones organized by state here: EPA NDZ list by state Surely you don't plan to confine your sailing to NY and New England waters and once you get south of LIS, the discharge of TREATED waste is legal in...
  12. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    H31 Where is the Y-valve mounted?

    I wouldn't restore the system to "factory settings." If the buyer turns out to be in any waters where it's illegal to discharge overboard, he'd just have to remove 'em...if turns out be be in waters where he can use overboard toilet and/or tank discharge, he may want to configure things...
  13. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Dead Simple way to attach light objects to cabin interior

    If you're referring to Alien Tape, I considered buying until I read a number of reviews for it from people who complained that it pulled paint off the wall, requiring drywall repair, and didn't work on stone, brick or other surfaces that aren't smooth. While I wouldn't use a 3M Command...
  14. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Wilcox-Crittenden Skipper problem

    Other Skipper owners are your only hope for Skipper expertise...All I have on it are the exploded drawing and parts list which, if you've rebuilt it, I doubt that you need, but I'll be glad to send 'em to you if you do. You're likely to have better luck finding knowledgeable owners in the...
  15. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Head replacement

    And for little more than the cost of 2 replacement Jabsco pump assemblies, you can have a toilet that'll last, not years, but decades if you just do the minimal maintenance I described. But...your boat, your money. --Peggie
  16. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Head replacement

    Not surprised that you hate that Jabsco "conversion"... "Noisy, power hungry and unreliable" would be the perfect description for it if it also included the price the PO paid for it, which was at least $100 more than they could have bought the top rated Raritan SeaEra electric conversion...
  17. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Holding tank sender replacement

    I second Dave's advice. Cleaning internal sensor units isn't a fun job, but it's actually fairly easy. Body waste is full of animal fats...that's what's clogging the sensors, so you need a good grease cutter. Step 1. Put it in bucket of water to which you've added at least a pint of...
  18. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Is the head above the waterline on a Hunter 460?

    You need a vented loop in the head intake line...It needs to be at least 6-8" above waterline AT ANY ANGLE OF HEEL (including MAX heel), not just when the boat is at rest. On most sailboats, that would put it 2-3 FEET above the bowl. And for an electric toilet it will require a electric...
  19. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Is the head above the waterline on a Hunter 460?

    If you can tell me the model number of your toilets I can answer your questions and send you a link to the owners instructions are in it. --Peggie
  20. Peggie Hall HeadMistress

    Newbie 35.5 owner...Checking water level?

    If there's no water tank level monitor, the odds are good that there isn't one for the holding tank either. Unless your tanks are metal, The two tank system from SCAD Scad Tank Monitors (top rated by Practical Sailor) is an affordable solution that's easy to install because the sensors attach...