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  1. Oksailor

    Looking at an old S2 9.2c need assistance in sourcing parts etc.

    Hello, I'm Mark and I'm looking at picking up a 1983? S2 9.2c that is in pretty rough shape. No sails, some leaks, been on the hard two+ years and has not been run in that time. It's a 3hr drive from where it needs to be (Grand Lake) I'm in Edmond, OK and I would need the following to make...
  2. Oksailor

    Help with Coronado 23-2 parts

    Hello, I hoping someone can help me locate some stock parts for a 1974 Coronado 23-2. Specifically I'm looking for some stock 6 inch turnbuckle. I need two. The body is just shy of 6". They are threaded 1/4-28 one end right hand, the other left hand thread same size. My shroud and stays...