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  1. rgranger

    Portable Heaters (AGAIN!)

    Hey all: I didn't want to hijack the "Mr Heater" thread. I ran across one of these at Walmart...
  2. rgranger

    Scammers on Craig's List

    Wow! Some are so obvious... So here are two ads.. for the same boat... way under priced at $17,000 But the real kicker is this guy talks about this being "very practical, trailerable size" ... yep at 57' :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh...
  3. rgranger

    Still in business....?!?!?

    How is West Marine still in business? I'm serious! I understand a small premium for having it all in one place but this makes no sense to me. I'm going to talk with my guy and if any of my 401K is in WM, I'm telling him to sell. I went looking for a male 1/4 quick disconnect for my Tohatsu...
  4. rgranger


    @Foolish I started reading your book tonight. You are a gifted writer. Thanks for taking the time to share.
  5. rgranger

    The great loop

    I just started reading this book... The book has a chapter on "what boat to buy" and it is a very practical chapter. Specifically, it goes into maximum draft, beam and air clearance. I was surprised to read that the maximum recommended air clearance is 19.5'. The reason given was an old...
  6. rgranger

    Share your Storage Mods

    I did not want to hijack the other recent thread that was specific to the 23.5 so I started a new thread. I recently added this to my H26 (see pic) as a way of stowing my boat hook and winch handles. Share your clever ideas.
  7. rgranger

    Used mast and/or booms (spars)

    Hey All I was nosing around craigslist looking at used boat parts (I know, I should be working) and ran across this site. Seems we see someone on this forum looking for a used mast about once a month so thought this might come in handy for someone...
  8. rgranger

    On the hook tonight

    Full moon Cool breeze Cold beer Priceless
  9. rgranger

    A rose by another name?
  10. rgranger


    I have the weekend off. First time in four weeks. Windy is showing a 1 mph "breeze" with a temp. of 97F.:mad:
  11. rgranger

    Pneumatic Arm?

    Hello Hunter owners. For some mysterious reason, the pneumatic arm that holds up my front hatch (windshield) decided to die this weekend and now my hatch won't stay open. Anyone know the part number? I also have an email into the owners of this site to see if they have it. Fair winds, r
  12. rgranger

    Interesting sail design... got me thinking

    Hello all. Yesterday, I stumbled upon this interesting concept video for a sailing trimaran canoe. I could not get it out of my mind. Note the interesting sail design and traveler system... I am really intrigued by...
  13. rgranger

    Simrad T10

    hello all. Anyone know what size fuse I should be using? I purchased a simrad T10 auto tiller on eBAy a fey years ago and have enjoyed it ... but if I try to use the tack function it blows the fuse in the power line . At the moment I have the 3 fuse in line . I don’t know what the right fuse...
  14. rgranger

    Who is sleeping on their boat this weekend?

    I am.... and I will have new pictures for Monday. Lets see yours. :beer:
  15. rgranger

    H26: Hatchboards/washboard dimensions

    By chance? Anyone have the measurements of the bottom most hatchboard on an H26? My boat is an hour away and I have some projects I want to work on. I'm wanting to install an inexpensive Haier AC unit. It looks like it could just sit on the bridge deck leading into the companionway and I...
  16. rgranger

    H26 stanchion diameter?

    Hi All: Anyone (@Crazy Dave Condon ???!!!) know the diameter of the stanchions that came standard on the H26? I'm wanting to direct my reefing line to the cockpit and I'm considering using turning blocks on the mast base led to something like this on the stanchions.
  17. rgranger

    Will and Rob

    Last night @Will Gilmore passed through town and I got to meet his wife. The three of us had a great dinner at a local restaurant. I'm the ugly one...
  18. rgranger

    H26 curtains

    Does anyone know where you can buy these curtains? Mine did not survive the washing machine. The track is still in good shape, so I'd like to find the curtains with the little plastic beads for the track.
  19. rgranger

    Nautical Quiz....This could be a problem...?

    So I recently moved from Virginia to Alabama. I completed setting my boat up (almost) this past weekend and even got my SBO burgee flying (along with a few other flags). Somewhere in the move I lost my boat's U.S. flag and need to order a new one... and while I was at it, I thought I might...
  20. rgranger


    i was out doing a ripping 0.8 kts in a 3 mph breeze when this guy smoked me It is some sort of tri but I could not get close enough for a good look:oops: