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  1. Tom J

    Dawn to Dusk

    I came across these photos today while perusing my albums. It was a July morning in 2017, and we were anchored off Sampson's Island in Cotuit Bay on Cape Cod. I was having coffee in the cockpit and off my starboard beam was this incredible sunrise, while off the port beam, the full moon was...
  2. Tom J

    Catalinas rule

    A few years ago, out of the six slips available for sailboats at our yacht club, four of them were Catalinas. Tied up behind the replica of "Spray" is a Catalina 30.
  3. Tom J

    Off season topic

    Winter in New England, and the boat is on the hard. While we had a great season last year cruising Cape Cod and the Islands, I thought this might be a good time to mention a few glitches we ran into, in the hopes other C310 owners could avoid these issues. Prior to leaving Quincy, MA, for the...
  4. Tom J


    I love my new Torqeedo outboard. No more storing a jug of gasoline in the cockpit. No more mixing oil with the gasoline. No more spilling gas into the ocean as I fill the tank of my Mercury 3.3 as the dinghy rocks and rolls. Just get into the dinghy and go! Quietly! We can whisper as we...
  5. Tom J

    Heat exchanger clamp

    I had another heat exchanger clamp break. Ordered 2 new clamps from our local Universal distributor, and when they arrived, I thought they were the wrong parts. The material was twice as thick as the old clamps, and the angles on the tabs were the same on both sides of the clamp, rather than...
  6. Tom J

    One more thing about the cold....

    I had an opportunity 2 weeks ago to visit my boat where she sits on the hard in Massachusetts. The weather, of course, was frigid. As I was checking boat stands, etc., I grabbed the bottom of the rudder and shook it from side to side, and felt some movement, maybe 1/8" at the bottom. I'm...
  7. Tom J

    Catalina Row

    Catalina's are popular here at the Town River YC in Quincy, Mass. On the left is a C320, in the middle is our C310 and on the right is a C350.
  8. Tom J

    Roller furler

    I want to check the tension on my forestay, but I'll need to move the roller furler up to get at the turnbuckle. Is anyone familiar with this procedure?
  9. Tom J

    Mast conections

    Just curious, when the time comes, will I find connections for the mast wiring when the mast is lifted from its step? Anybody done this recently? What seems to be the average lifespan of the standing rigging of the 310?
  10. Tom J

    Rebedding a hatch

    My forward hatch over the V-berth started leaking last season. A bead of clear silicone sealant along the top edge of the hatch frame where it meets the deck stopped the leak for a while. It started leaking again, so I'm thinking I'll have to rebed the hatch. Has anyone done this project on...
  11. Tom J

    steering cable clamps

    I was just running some electrical wires through my steering compartment, when I noticed several lumps of rust on top of my steering quadrant ( or disc, in this case). They turned out to be the clamps on the steering cables. I changed them out for stainless steel clamps, and feel much better...