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  1. FastOlson

    Lewmar Winch Install Instructions

    I just took delivery of two new Lewmar 40 winches. There was no paperwork in the boxes (other than an invoice copy). In decades past, their winches always came with well-illustrated install instructions. I recall that orientation of the base is important to fully handle the incoming line load...
  2. FastOlson

    BoatUS weather site gone

    I just tried to open the usual link for "my boat us" and it defaulted to their main billing site (membership, insurance, towing...) . I had a list of ports set up that displayed weather for 6 days out, in a very handy format. Now all gone. While I can get this info from lots of other sites...
  3. FastOlson

    NW Ericson (and Olson) Rendezvous

    July 6 - 9 this year. Genoa Bay Marina, BC. Just let the harbor master know you are coming. More info here: Any Ericson, from 23 to 46 feet is welcome, and any of the Olson's. (25, 911s, and 34) Hope...
  4. FastOlson

    Replacing an M25XP with a Betamarine ?

    As I contemplate my off-season list of maintenance and upgrades due for our 2300+ hour 1988 Universal M25XP, I have done some preliminary measurements to study whether a Betamarine 25 would be a "close enough" drop in for it. Our original Hurth 50 is starting to make some noises under load...
  5. FastOlson

    Broken Lewmar Hinge Rivets

    I have to repair the center hinge on our size 70 "ocean" Lewmar. This is the forward hatch that I replaced right after we bought our boat, 1n 1995. No problems until about a month ago until both large rivets that hold the hinge base to the frame/flange broke. After 20 years, it's a wee bit late...
  6. FastOlson

    NW and BC 2013 Rendezvous !

    All owners of Ericsons or Olsons (25,911s,34) are invited to the annual rendezvous in Pt Townsen, WA. June 28 - 30, 2013. For slip reservations please check the rendezvous thread at Click on the Ericsons Northwest & British Columbia Forum. See you there! Loren
  7. FastOlson

    Bottom Paint Opinions Needed

    Our boat goes in for new paint in about a week. I have used Trinidad SR for about a decade, applied at three year intervals. It's "OK" in our fresh water, but we still get quite a build up of slime. Diver has to clean off that slime about 2 or 3 times a year. I have seen some very good early...
  8. FastOlson

    Similar site under "attack"

    Just a heads-up. A nearby (well, figuratively speaking) site is under some sort of "DOS" attack by Google yesterday and today so far. While "DOS" may not be the technically correct term, the result is about the same. All attempts to get thru to the forums at Sailnet are met with a Warning...