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    Info. on How Well a Islander 37 MS Handles Rough Seas ?

    Hello All, Looking to hear from owners/ skippers about the stability of a Islander 37 MS in heavy seas, gale conditions ? Yes, I realize that the seamanship of the skipper is always the deciding factor. I think the Islander 37 hull is the same in both I-37 models, except one is built as...
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    Advice Ref. Try to Fix It or Part It Out ?

    Pic's. of -- Catalina 25, Model 25-C, S/N 3036 ** I do not know the yr. perhaps someone can tell me the yr. ? ________ year of manuf. ? I bought a house on 5 acres and acquired a sailboat in the deal. The sailboat is a -- Catalina, Model 25-C, S/N 3036. I have taken some pictures to show...