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  1. Good Vibes

    Side window (Salon) replacement

    Came to the boat today to find a hole in my window (2001 Catalina 310 Hull 063). Any suggestions on where to fine a replacement? Is there a mass produced model or do I head to a fabricator? Thanks for the insight. Brad
  2. Good Vibes

    New battery bank size, charging mods... AGM or Carbon Foam

    First off thank you all for the help making last season (our first with our 2001 310 #63) a huge success! We are replacing our current FLA batteries (2xGC2, 1 sealed G31) with AGM mostly due to their age and also due to concerns with off gassing. We do not have shore power but have a 180W...
  3. Good Vibes

    Production stock Bimini 2001 Hull 063

    Good Day, My (new to us) boat has the original bimini (full cockpit coverage). I'm looking for images and advice on how to fold it properly when not in use. For us it is a nice to have but would like it available. The rear arch is significantly higher than the forward two and it seams an awkward...
  4. Good Vibes

    Mid ship hatch lens replacement

    Good day all, So this happened... Good natured dock mate helping me pin the boom on slipped and dropped my boom on the midship hatch (just aft of the mast, ~12 x 12). The lens survived but is cracked and needs replacing. No apparent frame damage. Any experience out there on doing this? The parts...
  5. Good Vibes

    Galley cupboard corner repair

    Any suggestions on how to shore up a soft galley cupboard corner. It appears to have been over used at the hinge point and the fiberglass is soft. The previous owner attempted to fix it without success. See pictures below. Thanks!
  6. Good Vibes

    Running rigging replacement recomendations (Canada)

    Good Day. We have taken possession of our 2001 C310 hull number 63 and it has arrived in Ottawa. As we get ready to launch I am realizing that the running rigging needs a fair amount of TLC. At minimum we will be replacing the Main and Genoa Halyards and the Traveler and likely the main and...
  7. Good Vibes

    Accessing forward throughbolts for stanchion rebedding

    Good day. I am new to the forum. My wife and I have just bought a 310 and need to rebed the forward stanchions abeam the Vberth windows. Can anyone shed light on how to access the throughbolts without cutting into the liner? Thanks!