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    PHRF adjustments

    Our club is talking about making adjustments to PHRF handicaps to include a credit for boats that use dacron sails exclusively. The other thought is giving a penalty to boats that use high tech materials such a carbon. Do any of your clubs make such an adjustment? If so, how many seconds per mile?
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    It's never too early to reef

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    I don't know if any of you big boat owners look at the classified ads but I just saw a new genoa listed for sale at a very good price. It's too big for my boat but it may be a good fit for yours.
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    DSC Test Call

    Is there a way to test to see if a VHF radio can properly send a Digital Selective Call (DSC) if the sending radio doesn't have the "Test" function?
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    Insurance while racing

    If you race your boat, does your yacht club or racing organization require you to have liability insurance for your boat in order to participate? Thanks.