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    Size of radial drive wheel for tiller to wheel conversion

    I'm Assembling the parts for a tiller to wheel conversion on my islander 28. I've found everything except the radial drive wheel (per Edson the islander 28 uses a radial drive when rather than a quadrant). Per Edson the recommended drive wheel is their model 777-8 which is a 16" diameter...
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    Reconfiguring forepeak / eliminating V berth

    Pondering if anyone has reconfigured their forepeak and got rid of the v berth? What odd you do up there? Any pics? My islander 28 has has two sette berths and a quarter berth. What is doesn't have is a nav station. Been pondering pulling out the v berth building a nav station and storage...
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    FB Group?

    Ok, I hope I don't run afoul of any forum rules here, but I'm hoping to get a bunch of Islander sailors to come together on a FaceBook group - we seem to be a sort of fractured group and as a new Islander Owner, it would be great to have an active group to toss questions to and compare notes...
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    Active Islander Forum/Group

    Greetings and Happy New Year I'm wondering if there's an "active" Islander Group or Forum that everyone spend most of their time at? Neither of the Yahoo Groups seem to get a lot of traffic or input and this one isn't terribly active either. Is there a "primary" one people use, or is the...
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    Lake Michigan / WIFI HotSpot Question

    After spending 20 fruistrating minutes with the friendly cell provider rep and finally realizing they had never been on a boat and have no idea what I'm asking, I decided to ask here instead. IF I enable (and therefore pay) for the HotSpot function on my iPhone, does anyone know how far out...
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    What's a Blooper? Value of Spinnaker pole?

    Cleaning stuff out of my "new to me" Islander 28 (getting ready for winter storage) and came across an unexpected cache of extra sails. Among the bags was one marked "BLOOPER" - What's a Blooper? I also got a Spinnaker Pole but no Spinnaker as near as I can tell. Since I will be...
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    Source for Cushions and/or covers

    Greetings all. I'm a new Islander 28 owner. This is a "refurb" project boat, but she's not a mess, just a bit neglected. One thing that is a mess are the cushions. I suspect they've never been taken out and have suffered though a lot of Wisconsin winters and condensation. I pull them...
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    Solar panel locations?

    Greetings all. Will be getting a '76 I28 shortly. Since she will live in a mooring (ie no shore power) I want to install a solar charging system to keep the batteries charged up. Anyone with pics of where and how they've mounted the panels would be welcomed. Thanks!