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    Re: Fresh water leak

    Hi Doug; using two float switches like you note is quite okay. Though I like to keep it as simple as possible. One switch is enough to go wrong.... I just fiberglassed a small piece of wood (as a base of the switch) at the lower end of the bilge... and it worked for the last 27 or so years...
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    Re: Fresh water leak

    Hi Jody; I have my (electrical) bilge pump at the lowest point in the bilge, with a float switch nearby. But be careful about the location of the float switch: it must be high enough to remain closed when the remaining water in the hose flows back into the bilge (otherwise the float switch will...
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    Cockpit locker latches

    Hi Chuck; I have one or two latches- I have to look. I let you know in a day or two; if you want them.. you can have them- free. Wilhelm, V-257
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    The Need for Speed

    Hi: 12.6 knots is an awful high speed. A GPS will tell you that speed, but that may not be the speed throuch water! Wilhelm, V-257
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    Miles and Metrics

    Hi Steve; The meter was established in 1773 as the 1/10,000,000 distance from the pole to the equator. Today the meter is the distance light travels in vacuum in the time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second. The uncertainty is plus/minus 2.5 x 10 to the minus eleventh power. The nautical mile...
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    Hi I have the sail plan for the Vega... I can send it to your e-mail address if you like Wilhelm, V-257
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    Gooseneck Fittings

    Hello Steve; thanks for telling me about the difference- my mast, boom and spinnaker pole are by Proctor- good stuff... Sailing here is great- only wished I had more time.... Wilhelm, V-257
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    Fuel Tank Replacement...Air?

    There are usually 2 ways to stop a diesel. The first you shut of the diesel (lever), the other one you open the decompression lever (both should have some sort of connection (most of the time a wire) to the outside where you pull to stop the engine Wilhelm, V-257
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    Fuel Tank Replacement...Air?

    haha... you said it; and sure, you can hand crank the engine, just open the decompressior Wilhelm, V-257
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    Fuel Tank Replacement...Air?

    HI.: I assume you have an airfilter. That one should be full as well as the hoses. Depending where you have the fuel tank, you might need an extra hose to lift up the diesel. As the last job, bleed the fuel line where it is connected to the engine (injection pump). Wilhelm, V-257
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    Fuel Tank Replacement...Air?

    There should be a bleeding bolt where the hose is connected to the engine. Open that bolt, run the engine (it wont fire ) untill fuel comes out. Then close it, and the engine should run. Before you do all that, make sure all hos connections are secure. Wilhelm, V-257
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    combi problems

    Hi I was wondering about the same thing-- Robert must have a different king of combi-- but if it works.. hurraaaaahhhh! Wilhelm, V-257
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    Questions to users of 021/022 engines

    Hi: I ran my 021 engine about 30 years without having any major problem. I did all the maintenance myself. (that included the variable pitch prop). Only after the carbutator showed signs af aging (and necessarely replacement) I decided to install a diesel engine (diesel for safety reasons). To...
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    Slow Vegas

    hmmmmmm.. but I think.. my Vega is a SHE..:))))) Wilhelm, Vega 257
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    Re: [AlbinVega] questions: thru-hulls

    Good point! There are more boats ruined by galvanic corrosion than any other kind- if your boat is docked at a marina. Whenever I see an electrical cord leading to a boat- I insist on seeing the charger. You wont believe how many people with expensive boats use car battery chargers. And those...