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    Thrust requirements

    I have an O'Day 19, and have used different solutions over the years. I use my 19 on a small lake, and the propulsion is simply to get me back to my dock when the wind dies completely. 2 and 3 hp outboards have been used, but seldom needed. Last year I went electric with a 55 lb thrust...
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    water in the hull

    Welcome to the group. I had a DaySailer III and had a similar problem. When left at my dock very little water, if any got into the boat. If I sailed, some would accumulate in the bilge. I finally took the boat off the trailer and pulled the centerboard. I found a small hole in the...
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    Oday 192: how to raise rudder to launch and retrieve boat at marina?

    Like Brian, I have installed an uphaul on my O'Day 222, which shares either the same or very similar rudder assembly. The previous owner kept the rudder down on his slip, and it did wear deep grooves in the pintles as well as the pivot bolt hole in the side plates . I've had the pintle grooves...
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    O'Day 25 Bulkhead Replacement

    PR, I replaced both port and starboard bulkheads on my O'Day 222. The PO must not have heard of sealants, because there were several iterations of extending the dinky chainplates on the 222 to find the next section of solid wood. Stopping the leak must never have occurred to him. The...
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    Rope centerboard line 222/192

    Yes it is a shine. This boat had a thin coat of bottom paint and had been in fresh water for a couple of decades before I bought it. It was uneven and I didn't like the looks of it, so I stripped it off. I'm planning on trailering the boat for the next few summers along the Maine coast and it...
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    Rope centerboard line 222/192

    I had found a simple beam arrangement on-line to facilitate taking the trailer out from under the 222 without moving the stands every 2 feet. It worked great and greatly simplified the process. The beam is made up of 2 10' 2X10's. The rolling stool in the lower left was a back saver for the...
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    Rope centerboard line 222/192

    schuss, I was able to send the last email with the photos of the centerboard pendant only because my boat is off the trailer which allows me to get at the centerboard. Once I replace the pendant and pin, I'll put the trailer back under the boat and finish up some topside issues.
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    Rope centerboard line 222/192

    rshuss, Here are some photos of my pendant and clevis pin from a 222 that I'm restoring. The clevis pin is split/corroded, so it's probably original, as is the pendant. it's my understanding that some centerboards have a notch where the shackle attaches and some do not.
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    O'Day 222 Chainplate

    Hi, I'm 'm in the process of replacing the bulkhead in my 222. My question is should there be a gap between the top of the "L" on the chainplates and the underside of the cabin top, or should the chainplate be pressed to the cabin top with the bulkhead also pressing against the bottom of the...
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    Looking at a '79 O'Day (Weekender) Next Weekend

    LuckyOne, I have an O'Day 19 that my wife and I sail on a small lake in Maine and a few excursions into Casco Bay. Like your situation, my wife has no interest in overnighting near a portapottie. We enjoy the boat and as we're getting less agile, really like the added stability of a boat with...
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    In Hull Transducer Location on O'Day 222

    Guys, Thanks for the quick response. I think from both of your comments I will test the effectiveness of placing it in a storage compartment forward of the keel to see if that works. Appreciate the guidance.
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    In Hull Transducer Location on O'Day 222

    Hi, I'm about to install an in hull transducer for my depth meter (works through my chart plotter) and wondered where others have placed their transducer. I don't want a transom mounted one. Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.
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    Replacing Bulkheads on O'Day 222 - What to use?

    DJ, I'm doing the same job to my 222. Take a hard look at the chainplate penetrations because I'm pretty sure you'll find a soggy core around the penetrations. I think I've got to cut out a section of deck almost the full width for about 30". If enough water got through to rot the bulkheads...
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    Mast support on oday 222

    Rick, Thanks for checking for me. I was lucky enough to have a local machine shop fabricate one per the drawings on this thread.
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    O'day 222 sliding hatch

    MM, Have you seen my emails to your personal email account? If not, please let me know. Thanks