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    New 100% Jib - Inside track cleating question

    Attaching a pic of my '05 which I run with a low cut 110% Blade. I use cabintop tracks with standup turning blocks. I cleat the halyards with Spinlock Sail Stoppers. I cleat the jib sheets with Harken 150 Cam Cleats. I dual duty the cabin top winches for raising halyards and tightening the...
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    Two Questions - on 100% Jib and Securing Gooseneck

    I sheet my 110& inside the shrouds. You just need to tell your sailmaker to build a long enough Leach to get the Clew near the cabin top whether it's a 100 or 110. I use Ulmann Sails, they know how to build it. BTW if your 110 is a furler, that's probably why it's high Clewed. Best of luck...
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    The rehabilitation of M.O.P.A.R.

    I have a 2005 TRFK and the mast measures 30'. Were the masts on the earlier TRFK's shorter? I've always thought the two masts offered were 28' and 30'. Like the looks of your Asymmetrical. I also changed from a Std Rig to a Tall Rig and have a Selden Bow Sprit. I need to order a larger...
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    Time for a new headsail(s). What to buy?

    Don't have dimensions for the new jib. Expect in 4 or 5 weeks. I'll ask Ullman next time I check status. I did get the dimensions for my STD Rig 110 Jib: 25'6" Luff, 23'6" Leach, 8'9" Foot. You can see with the Luff and leach being only 2' difference that the Clew is low to the cabin top...
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    Time for a new headsail(s). What to buy?

    Dave, I'll try to go ahead and measure this weekend, but I see you have a TR and my sail was for my SR before I changed the mast out to a Tall Rig. BTW, I have a 110% Racing Jib on order to fit the TR but don't expect to get it for another 5 weeks. Jim
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    Time for a new headsail(s). What to buy?

    I went through the same problem/debate on my 2005 with a 110%. I sent the first one back to the dealer as it was way too high and they sent me a new one. They called it a racing design 110% and it hit my tracks perfectly. I believe they just lengthened the leach. ( some might call it a deck...
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    Cracking cabin tops

    I believe you get the cleanest interior award for any year let alone it's a 30 year old boat! Wow, great job!
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    Dacron Sails - What's the deal?

    Thanks delling ,your comments are very helpful. Painful, but make absolute sense. I'll go for a Plan B.
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    Dacron Sails - What's the deal?

    Sorry I needed to update my Avatar and have. I'm a Capri 22 owner now.
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    Dacron Sails - What's the deal?

    They have a #5 Luff Tape which fits a Schaefer SnapFurl, TuffLuff and others.
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    Dacron Sails - What's the deal?

    I've been trying to sell a couple Fantastic Condition Dacron Head Sails for awhile with zero interest. Is everyone only looking for plastic sails now or are they afraid of what's wrong with practically new sails at half price? I'm serious. What's the deal?
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    Capri 22 110 Jib?

    The 110% Deck sweeper as you call it is my best headsail. When Ullman replaced the first one They shipped me a "Race" version with Battens. It sails very solid and points the best. I just changed out my mast to a Tall Rig and have a new set of Ullmans on order including a 110 "Race" with...
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    Capri 22's with Sliding Goosenecks

    Has anyone out there seen or have booms with sliding gooseneck? When did Catalina stop using them on Capri 22's? Any reason to not convert to fixed? Thanks, Jim
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    Capri 22 - hull numbers

    2005 Sail 1097 SRFK 1998 Sail 827 TRFK
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    Capri 22 110 Jib?

    The first high clew 110 wouldn't pull down to the block on my cabin top and split the angle of the clew as it should. The second sail they sent me after I returned the first had a much lower clew and worked as it should. I think the first sail was designed for a furler as SRoberts picture. I...