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    Genoa (Generator) Hunter 306

    A sail maker can measure your boat and determine the size
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    How Much Paint

    If painting with a off the shelf local stock 1 gallon will probably do it and you can always run back to store to buy 1 more quart
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    Holding tank area uses after removal?

    Small boat you don't need that much water remove and just use space for towels
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    Replacing standing rigging with mast up

    Usually rigger showes with help and tools takes one at time down makes copy pulls back up then moves on to next until all new
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    The Boat Exploded and Then I Died

    A marine blower to clear fumes and if your portable tank has vent in cap I'd get another cap and drill out install a hose from there to standard vent outside on hull
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    Custom font for boat lettering

    Is this font shocking
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    It trailers well but u need to tow with a full sized pickup at least v8. There easy to raise mast once you figure it out. I put up in parking lot before launching. Nice roomy to sleep in. But it doesn't motor well ya gotta keep light and get all water out ballast and pull board up to plane...
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    Standing Rigging on Hunter 34

    Last failure I witnessed was stem ball pulling out mast so rig didn't fail mast failed so all the inspectors can check but cant tell future
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    Standing Rigging on Hunter 34

    Headstay B&R rigs put most stress on head so replace that first especially if roller furler that adds chafe to mix
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    Boat graphics

    $150 is what I pay for 2 on either side and state on back. And they gave me the extra oops sticker incase I messed up.
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    Replace Batteries on the Hard

    Tall step ladder set on one step at a time
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    Boat graphics

    Any sign shop locally can make names
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    What do you do with your spin sheets on the upwind leg?

    I assume your flying symmetric do you pre rig to pole luff-foot velcro or one wrap of tape down lifelines before set ensures staying out water
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    20 hour battery capacity test done

    I do a real life test at dock every spring with my refrigeration and volt gauge 20 hr is about right for a weekend outing
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    1997 Hunter 376 with the B&R Rig and a Z Spar mast. We discovered a depression in the mast extrusion behind the lower starboard spreader.

    I wouldn't add anymore holes if you can help it. Is the spreader noticable sweeping back more. Aluminum is strongest left alone and boat was over built anyhow.