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    Dirty Jobs Tonight

    Sounds like a horror story to me as I hate to see old boats go to the crusher 12 boats now and counting I think I might have a problem
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    replacing a 12v DC breaker panel

    I'd either just replace the 120volt 2pole blue seas breaker and hope that's it. especially if 12volt side works fine. Or move install a 120volt complete panel next to the 12volt panel and remove all 120 volt wires out existing panel move to new as there's less 120v wires
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    Hunter 30. Swimming platform locker

    Do you sail in saltwater taste water to figure out where come from. I store kids rafts in there so I occasionally get water out and sand I use a wet vac
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    Mainstay issues - what type of furling system do I have?

    Looks like your top bearing failed aaaand twisted your Headstay 19 strand
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    Stuck Prop On Shaft

    I wouldn't want to put anything between prop and shaft to keep a good electric bond to boat to avoid electrolysis
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    Transporting outboard on a bike rack?

    I like it sounds great even test start if air cooled before put on boat and run out fuel by running on board afterward
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    Cutting Genoa to a 135, is it a good idea?

    Never be cost effective to cut a 9 yr old sail and probably no one will do it cat 30 been around 50 yrs with same sail dementions granted there is the tall rig just check measurements and order a used 130 from e-bay Bacon sails or sailing Texas anywhere. order a 110 while at it every sailboat...
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    Transom void

    Get rot water activated epoxy gonna be best solution there
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    Transom void

    Closed cell marine spray works great to fill voids take it easy when spraying as it will expand and miss shape or blow out the fix
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    Need 2nd opinion: Cracked piston ring in a Y2GM20F?

    Next curve your high pressure pump can leak diesel into crank case. especially if injectors rebuilding caused more back pressure on seals in pump
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    Need 2nd opinion: Cracked piston ring in a Y2GM20F?

    A compression test would have revealed that.
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    Would You Use Biodiesel if Available

    The smell would make you hungry all the time Sailboats use so little fuel best to stay with good quality fuel as to avoid any problems
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    Any Recommendations on a Bimini (C25)?

    Alot good choices on Amazon get the more expensive one with thicker tubes measure your combing in cockpit where 2 mounting brackets go that's with then measure from backstay to over cabin thats length and measure combing up to bottom boom thats height then order you can cheat boom up with bimini...
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    Trailer recommendations

    There's a duel axle on Facebook market place sailboat sales. But definitely 2 axel they pull easy
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    Yanmar 2QM15 injector pipe leaking.

    I bought some fuel resistant pipe thread sealant from auto parts store loosen installed and tighten no more leaks