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    Deck recore material: Balsa. divinycell, plywood, or something else?

    On deck to keep the bounce out I stick a sheet of 1/4" aluminum in space and fill with leftover foam from the rudder project
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    Registration Number Recommendations for Dinghy

    Big wide black perminant marker from dollar store. Touch up every year and stick one of the stickers to transom. Save the other for when someone steels it. Or to stick on next dink. When someone steels it.
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    Dink Question

    I remove motor and tow backwards. I pull it all the way up to the rails on the reverse transom. It gives me a half of knot more speed by extending my water line. Ok really it gives me half knot over dragging it behind the boat
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Cooling fan? The one on alternator
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    What is this object?

    Check your reverse transom and see if you have holes that match pattern on steel side of unit. Looks like a custom motor mount probably for a electric trolling motor
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    Looking for Recommendations for A/C

    On my Hunter 30' I use a 6000 btu hatch unit with a Honda 2000 watt generator and it keeps up even in 100 deg weather if I keep passageway closed and use towels to keep hot Sun out cabin. So I'm looking to go with a 10,000 btu or maybe even 7000 so my generator can run it
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    Hunter repairs

    Hunter Only does warranty repairs and even then they contract that out to local boat yards. Go to local boatyard or marina where they have the boats up in yard in some degree of repair and get quotes for your boats repair
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    Wet Cell Lead Acid Battery Venting

    So factory bmw battery and most European battery come with a vent hose attachment ( 1/4 tube ) because battery is in trunk to vent gas or acid out of car thinking about running tube to mason jar to catch acid then running tube to intake manifold of engine because when engine running is when I...
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    Throttle and Shift Cable Replacement, 85 Legend 35.5

    Let me know how that works because I'm looking forward to that project been lubing the cables but gonna need New soon
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    Throttle and Shift Cable Replacement, 85 Legend 35.5

    Not 100% sure but I believe that 7/16 nut below stearing shaft holds both cables then you pull both down out of quad
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    Starting diesel in freezing temp....

    +1 space heater open engine access panel set heater in or near space to pre warm block and intake air
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    Refrigerant Low??

    Call around marine refrigeration company's or just refrigeration co's and ask if they have any r12 in stock that they can recharge an old unit. But what ever you do try to keep that old unit it's so efficient only needs like 4 amps to run a 10,000 btu unit that's half of a 143a unit and a...
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    Keel Bolts H34, Should I worry about them?

    You say it on the hard and been there a long time with some water in it so apparently your keel bolts don't leek otherwise the water in the bilge would have run out around bolts and down the keel
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    Hunter 30T Engine cover/housing/box repair?

    Depending on your time now is good time to take up rear flooring and replace mechanical systems back there my exhaust hose was rotten and peeking exhaust water and the elect wiring was a mess back there
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    Hunter 30T Engine cover/housing/box repair?

    Yea preserved all of it but if your top too rotten to hold glue to laminate then replace with plywood. screws all over but unit comes out 1 piece. Start by removing aft cushions put them up front then remove ladder top 2 screws in bulkhead take out front ladder there's a screw left bottom into...