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    SHOULD I sail this season?

    It's interesting to hear comments, some very passionate, from WI to AL, from CA to ME & MD. Each state has it's own Stay At Home order language based on it's population densities, tourist densities, COVID-19 threats and compliance issues. Some states have issued more restrictive SAH orders for...
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    How can people continue working during a “lock down”?

    Well said Dave:beer:
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    Stuck in the house tasks....?

    My "Stay At Home" project list: Put eye splices in several lines Make Paracord lanyards for several items on the boat. Learn how and make 6-8 dyneema soft shackles. Repair and modify main sail cover for lazy jack lines. Repair and replace dodger windows. Wrap wheel with Paracord. and a few...
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    I am signing off

    :yikes:................... I always fall for these :banghead:....................I shouldn't read the forum before my morning Pepsi. I was kinda excited to check my email early today. Somebody at the marina told a friend they liked my C30. They are tired of their 2006 C36 and wanted to...
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    Self Isolation

    I predict all this isolation will create a new generation starting in December. Baby Boomers 2!
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    Everyone Knows It's Windy

    All depends on whether I can make the ride comfortable and fun for my friends. I take into consideration wind direction, water conditions, their experience and if they wanted a nice easy ride or something more sporty . Twice I took out guys with no sailing but MB experience. Both said they...
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    How can people continue working during a “lock down”?

    In NJ roofers, plumbers, appliance and auto repair shops are open for maintenance/repairs. Private construction, road construction and paving is iworking. I think landscaping is also open. Our marina yard is open but the office is closed. The problem is no one is spending money on any...
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    Like a bad case of piles, I have returned

    Welcome back Phil, Glad the worst is over and you're on the mend.
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    Boatyard shut down due to COVID

    I contacted my marina. The office is closed but the yard is working. They took my work order to launch my boat the week of April 13. Now to reinstall my alternator and paint the bottom and I'll be ready. I can get to the boat and work on it with no contact with others so I feel there is little risk.
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    Knowing My Alternator

    Yep, that is what I did last spring. With Maine Sail's help of course. I used the Balmar MC-614H external regulator with the CMI 90 IR which I c converted to ER (Bought the alt the year before). Fun job, good performance.
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    List of Marinas/Boatyards Status

    I found this on another forum. Thought it warranted it's own thread. Status of Marinas & Boatyards
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    Well, I checked my calendar. June -July is open in 2021. I'll pencil it in as the rain date for the trip.
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    It makes sense that island communities would protect themselves by not allowing visitors for quite some time, even after travel restrictions may be lifted. Hadn't thought about that. They have a way to isolate themselves which we don't have on mainland US. I'm hoping that by June non essential...
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    Sailing in the time of Coronavirus

    Good time to watch World War Z.
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    @jssailem , is there a late June/early July window for starting the trip or is a mid June start necessary for the timing of the various passages?