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    Wednesday is Photo Day

    Scott will be on later with details of the trip and the boat but I will say NYC was very cool.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day

    Today is the 6th and last day helping @Scott T-Bird bring down his new C320 from Cape Cod. Yesterday was a fun ride through NYC. Lady Liberty We anchored at Sandy Hook last night and enjoyed a great sunset from a quiet anchorage.
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    Deep keel vs Shoal keel experience

    Doesn’t it really depend on your primary sailing area? In my slip a foot shallower draft may mean the difference in going sailing or sitting at the dock during a blow out tide.
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    Diesel Won't Start - Completely Frustrated.

    And then use a long wire again with the voltmeter positive on the battery #2 + and the negative at various negative connections for battery #2.
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    Isotherm Air Cooled Refrigeration System Sizing

    I'm ready to replace the non working Adler Barbor refrigeration system in the ice box of my Catalina 30. The spec for the ice box 3.2 Cubic Feet. They are known to be poorly insulated so I will do what I can to improve the insulation as part of the installation. I'm looking at the Isotherm...
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    Spacer for Transducer?

    Depth transducers are powered by the depth instruments. Not all transducers can be mounted and work properly in the hull if the instrument is designed for a thru hull mounted transducer. At least according to Raymarine. PS: I believe the answer to your original question is that depth...
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    Updating Interior w LED

    My go to site for marine LED fixtures is I used this 6.75" Light for the two main cabin lights and this 5.5" Light for the head, v-berth and quarter berth lights. I chose the switchable red/warm white option. Much nicer than those square white boxes but they are bit pricey. I...
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    New M25xpb

    I've heard of some boats wired that way but I would change it. I'm sure there are other threads about it. Supposedly it was wired that way to prevent someone from trying to start the boat without preheating the plugs and cranking too long and drawing water into the muffler, then engine...
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    Navy raft up

    Very cool photo!
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    Shes got a dirty bottom!

    Our yard has a special power wash basin designed to capture any washed off bio material and return it to the bay. Never noticed any sign of washed off paint on the basin floor. But then, maybe they power wash the floor at the end of the day.
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    New Catalina '85 Tall Rig new owner

    Yep it is. When you have your sails tuned well the helm will hold close to center and little to no pressure on the helm will be needed to steer the boat. A lot of owners think bigger line is stronger and better to hold but it is a trade off. Most standard line is plenty strong enough for...
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    New Catalina '85 Tall Rig new owner

    @vshinsky Congratulations on your C30 and welcome to SBO! You might get more specific answers if you post new questions for new subjects in new threads. My C30 is also a TR with Bow Sprit. Watch out for oversized sheets. Often an owner will up size the sheet but smaller sheets run through...
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    1989 Catalina 30

    All you need are a few limes and you'll be all set.:laugh:
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    PSS shaft seal operating temperature

    You must have great aim and a large engine bay!:laugh:
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    Installing the Transducer for an Axiom 9

    Mike, you mention 3D would be nice. Be sure the Axiom 9 you bought supports Real Vision 3D. Some only support Down Vision Chirp Sonar. The lowest priced Axiom 9 supports DV Chirp Sonar ($1099) but doesn't include the transducer. There's an Axiom 9 that supports RV 3D but includes a DV Chirp...