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    Are Boat Shows Good Places to get Deals on New Sails?

    I've been to the past 2 Annapolis Boat Shows looking for specific items to buy, trying to get boat show deals. It mostly seemed that "Boat Show Deals" could easily be matched by carefully looking on line. The shows mostly were a good place to put your hands on gear, talk to venders and compare...
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    Are the water tank outlets accessible?

    On my 93 C30 the battery compartment is under the aft half of the starboard cabin bench. The water tank is under the forward half of the bench. The tank's water outlet is on the aft end of the tank forward of the battery compartment. It is a tight fit to get to the outlet. I cut the hose off...
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    Can't find the intake water strainer

    My raw water pump would stop pumping water after a day sail.. Turned out a bad o ring seal for the pump cover was the culprit. So, yes they do not need a prime but an air leak will prevent them from doing so. Good point from @Hayden Watson about checking the strainer seal.
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    I just bought a C30 yesterday!!

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    Changing Hoses

    Which is illegal.
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    Heat exchanger temperature reduction amount

    i don’t think you can tell if the HX tubes are clogged by taking only one end cap off. You need both caps off to look through It. Actually just put a flashlight at one end and see if the light shows at the other end. At least that’s how I check mine.
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    O'Day 26 Sail Cover

    Nothing wrong with a splash of red to make things pop. I like it.
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    Belt for M25 with Alternator Bracket Upgrade Kit

    My alternator had an out-of-round hole the foot. I gave it to the marina owner along with the pivot bolt. The next day he handed it back with a pressed in bushing drilled out to fit the bolt. Did it in his own metal shop in about an hour or so.
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    Belt for M25 with Alternator Bracket Upgrade Kit

    A highly recommended belt is the Dayco TopCog belt. Recommended by Maine Sail AKA Rod Collins of Maine How To .com and contributor to the forums. I switched to the TopCog belt and drastically reduced any belt dusting/slippage. Gates is another belt brand he recommended. Then do as @Stu...
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    Furling main replacement

    I just learned this from my dock neighbor who has a Hunter 310. Very experienced sailor. He's been frustrated by the difficulty with furling his in mast main. I mentioned another friend with a Hunter 33 seems to have no problem with in mast furling. He explained that Hunter didn't use the same...
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    Difference between Tohatsu 6hp Sail Pro vs Non-Sail Pro

    Probably because most outboards are purchased for fishing boats with planning hulls and the displacement hulls of sailboats benefit from different prop designs and pitch. @LakeShark posted while I was typing and explains it much better.
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    M15 engine is overheating

    The pump shouldn't need to be primed but it may if there is a slight air leak at the cover plate o ring. This last spring I was having intermittent issues with no water flow when starting after a day sail. Tried lots of things. Then I went back to Stu's idea that the pump was losing prime...
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    Indoor/Outdoor marine speakers

    Ditto on Larry's post. Very happy with that speaker.
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    I left the lights on

    I have one. Unfortunately they don't work well sitting in the To Be Installed bin. :oops:
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    I left the lights on

    Thanks for the follow up. And, I joined your club. Went to the boat yesterday and found my batteries at 9.2V. (two GC2 6v FLA) Turns out I had left my battery charger turned off when I last left my boat Labor Day Weekend. My fridge ran the batteries down. Luckily I don't get much water...