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    Just finished my $20 pvc hand rails

    picture "Would be great to see a picture of the hand rails installed.
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    New Tattoo forum

    Go for it is a good answer. I just retired and will be 70 in a few months. Have not sailed in years due to my working schedule and travel schedule. I have only had my 26M out a few times but I am so happy I bought it. This is going to be a great summer.
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    solar fan

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a solar powered fan that fits into a hatch cover or the companionway cover? I saw one on a Colgate 26 a couple of weeks ago. It is about 6 inches in diameter and the solar cell is made into the fan.
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    What should I charge?

    #1 Be sure he is paying for the supplies. Not only soap and water but brushes, sponges and rags. If he wants you to furnish add this to your price or charge him separately. What is the going hourly rate in your area? Charge this plus 30% as a minimum. I would expect in your area $15 would...
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    safety net

    Is there a net made or a device to cover the hole under the seat to the motor well. I accidently knocked my GPS off the mount and lost it through the motor well hold. I have also dropped various other objects. I suppose I could rig something but just wondering what other people are doing.
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    Main Sail

    NO, I am an novice. I will realease the boom vang this weekend. I hope this works. Being ignorant is bad but not terrible if you realize it and take action. Thanks a million.
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    Main Sail

    I have a new Macgregor 26M and have a problem getting the last foot or so up of the main sail. I cannot visually see any obstruction. I lowered the mast and examined everything. I have an automatic furler and got a training session at the factory before I bought the boat. Any suggestions...
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    Great Loop Dream

    Has anyone sailed the Great Loop in a Macgregor 26? Opinions on the suitability of this boat are welcomed. I purchased a new 26M earlier this year and hope to make this trip after I become thoroughly acquainted with the boat. Also, The California factory has closed. No more Macgregor 26 boats...