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    Dielectric grease in mast lights plug?

    Hey Guys, I am in the Traffic Industry, we install outdoor sensors Along the roadways all over the USA. Cameras, Radars, Lasers, ETC, ETC. Over the years I have seen Di-electric grease make huge differences between service call intervals on all types of equipment. grease the wires, grease the...
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    Irwin 38 Citation - potential purchase

    Hurricane got my rigging earlier this year. almost back together now should be ready to sail in a month... still like the boat!!
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    What is the worst Sailing State?

    I sail Texas, And I know it is by far not the worst, and that I shouldn't complain But I am going to anyway. We have miles and miles of coast with few destinations. the bays are shallow with uncountable spoilage areas full of rocks and shell, also shifting sand bars. A lot of the coast is...
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    The dumbest thing I've done

    "Don't sweat it man... There is plenty of clearance under that bridge"
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    Filling screw holes in hull

    I recently used 2 part J & B weld epoxy to fill 4 screw holes in my bilge worked great!
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    Marine plywood

    If you are not going to use marine plywood you might want to look at Masonry plywood, it is designed to be used over and over again building concrete forms and has much better waterproof glues in it than regular plywood. its a bit more expensive than regular plywood, but nothing like Marine grade.
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    Boats hit rocks all the time, often snapping off deep keels.

    Our first trip across Matagora bay in our then newly purchased Irwin 37 was a disaster. We Ran late leaving port, took longer tacking that we thought, ended up pulling into an unfamiliar port after dark. chart plotter bit the dust 30 minutes from port. our Fin keel Hit a underwater concrete...
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    Low Cost Crimper

    thanks guys, i will check out the Hayn Hi-Mods
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    Low Cost Crimper

    Does anyone here know of a low cost Crimper, preferably Hydrolic, for swagging swagged on fittings for the larger sized rigging wires? ( 5/16 7/16 1/2 9/16) all the ones I am finding see pretty expensive to me...
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    Dreams Submerged

    you and I are in the same boat! who knew?
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    How to splice 4 Conductor 18AWG Cable?

    I recently made the same connections in my boat, the splice was in the bilge at the base of the mast. I CAREFULLY soldered the connections, covered them with heat shrink, then pushed the connections down into the bottom of a small pill bottle. I filled the pill bottle with epoxy. I think the...
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    Dreams Submerged

    The trouble with Newbies is that they never know what they don't know, you know?
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    Compression post repair

    Sounds to me as if the boat has been wracked (twisted). this could have been done by collision or heavy wave action. I nearly bought a Catalina Morgan 50 that this has happened to (heavy wave action during storm). you might want to check in the hull compartments at the bow and stern for...
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    Age and boat ownership

    First boat: a Cal 30 freshwater boat at 56... slip in lewisville lake, she is a tiller boat... second boat: a Irwin Citation 38 for the gulf at 57... Harvey jobbed her up a little... should be back together soon... third boat: Hobie cat 18 at 57... auction boat, paid 3 dollars. fun sucker to...
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    Cushion Covers

    Hello everyone, I am redoing a 38 ft Citation and would like to hear from as many people as will post. My question is what is the best material to recover the interior cushions on a sailboat. I am concerned about cost, comfort, looks and longevity. If anyone can clue me in on the pros and cons...