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    Should I restore refrigerator water cooling

    I have a 2000 H380. The fridge is water cooled. Uses a 1 amp March pump. The Fridge would do OK w/o the water pump running in cool conditions... not so in warm waters and with air temps over 85 unless you have an air cooled fridge compressor. When the filter would get growth in it and the...
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    Freedom 20 inverter/charger died after 16 yrs! Suggestions on replacements?

    Just replaced my 2000w on my H380, the original with Xantrex 458 2500 watt, 120? watt charger, It is a lot heavier, but only slightly wider and a bit longer. Almost a plug and play. Best price I found was from Wholesale Marine, under $1400.
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    Does my forestay need to be tightened

    I have a H380... with a lot of mast... Mast for Self furling has a pre bend of no more than 4". Anymore and furling problems occur more often. The H380 is very tender, so mainsail furling at 15 knots is a must and your boat is similar in sailing characteristics. My front stay has just a...
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    I just checked out the Noair., I mean Noria.. Is that a hint?... Ok it is very light. But does not really exist yet. But March 2018, a year later than planned is almost here. It is much narrower and only 6" high, however it extends out the window a lot (which is where some of the size...
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    I have not found that Ipads, Smart Phones and etc. work in bright sunlight on deck. In the cabin fine. Regards, Viper
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    What radar to buy-need help?

    Not if also Solid State ...per the sales guy, not the most reliable reference. No need to rotate the scanner, just simulate. Regards, Viper
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    What radar to buy-need help?

    The cost of Raymarine, new digital radar with a small Chart plotter Hybrid Touch screen is 2,000 bucks (WM on sale). Digital consumes much less power(1/3) and is also solid state, no internal moving parts. I had a C80 on my Bertram SF spinning around with analog radar, and I don't see much...
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    Cockpit cushion thoughts....

    I did the same on my Hunter 380. 50 bucks each for the West Marine seats on sale. Adjustable Back support and also use them in my RIB. Back support is really great at the helm seat, which the cushions will not do. Increased their water repellant nature with some can spray for Sunbrella...
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    '98 H-376: Recharging The House Battery

    Go with solar.. 300 watt panels are as low as 120 bucks.. see Ebay and made in the USA. 2 panels 600 watts. There is more room for 3 Deep cycle batts on starboard stern where a GEN would be installed and where my second bank is installed. The fridge on my H380 2000 runs off starter batt...
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    Grunert Refrigeration Issuue

    I have the same H380 with the same water cooled unit. The small .5-1 amp water pump has been a problem for me. The warm water along the SE coast promotes growth in the line and it gets clogged/burns out the electric pump. Replaced pump, worked great again for a couple of days. I constantly...
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    So Impressive. Initially I thought you were a bit crazy to take on this task. This is one of those times I don't mind being so very wrong... Regards, Viper
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    Bow thrusters - how important are they, and at what length are they a must?

    300 years ago they did not have narrow boat slips and slips 80 ft opposite. And the current from NC to N. Florida can run up to 6 knots ( 8 ft depth change)... w/o that I might agree.... But low powered boat thrusters will not help.. 7-8HP required even at 35-40 ft. Regards, Viper
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    Bow thrusters - how important are they, and at what length are they a must?

    I have a friend who purchased the external pod thruster for his H380. It was only 4K, and , does not take up room in the bow, no 4.5-6" hole passing thru the hole..... It works great, better than thru the hull.. The water keeps the motor cooler and 360 degree thrusting.. However, after going...
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    2000 H380 Freedom Inverter Charger

    Yep under my couch, nav seat... big 8D , along with my starter battery I replaced and a small solar controller... just no charger/inverter in sight.. Been under there many times in the last 6 months... Hardly enough room to get the battery case tops back on... the On/OFF bat switches are at my...
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    2000 H380 Freedom Inverter Charger

    Thanks very much... I know its got to be close to the seat of my pants at the nav station... I cant even hear the fan for the charger. I would bet it has to in the same area as yours on the H36. Regards, Viper