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    Fuel Usage for Albin Vega equiped with diesel

    Hi! As I´m new to this, other with more experience can have other results, but when motoring my boat home I noticed following: Enginge, Albin O22 gas engine, 0,4 lit/hour at a speed of 5 knots. Cheers, Tomas
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    Yanmar 12 ysb in a Vega?

    Speaking of engines I may buy a Yanmar 12 ysb - but is there any who has that engine in a Vega. I guess it´s to big to fit easy? I´ll remove my Albin O22 in the winter to determine if it´s worth renovating or if I should replace it. And as I know of a yanmar 12 ysb for sale it would be...
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    Vega 1604 -72 for sale in Sweden!

    Vega 1604 -72 is for sale. Asking 65.000 SEK (approx. 6.800) For information and a lot of pictures see: (I have bought a Tur 80. Also a Pär Brohäll design. Very similair to the Vega)