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    Are you ready to trust your battery to take you up in the Air?

    I'm a professional pilot and have flown on Harbour Air who are doing these test flights as a passenger numerous times. They are a great company, with a very safety oriented flight operations department. When they get the electric powerplant approved for commercial use I will gladly be one of...
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    Blackwater/ Macerator pump issue

    The raritan macerator is the exact same mounting footprint and power draw as jabsco if anyone is looking at a better replacement.
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    Diesel Heater

    With a Hunter 46 I'd consider this. Hurricane Zephyr – Itrheat You get both diesel and a 1500 watt electric element allowing you to heat the boat on the same system with shore power when at the dock, as well as self sufficient diesel on the hook. That said we've had no problems with our Espar...
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    Twin Helms in Cruising Boats: Innovation or Fad?

    I don't mind the twin helms at all, even though we don't have one on our boat. What I didn't like was the throttle placement, and the seating area behind the twin helms on most of the 40+ foot boats we looked at. Most were mounted very low and instead of being on the steering pedestal were...
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    Annapolis Boat Show reactions

    Just made it home after two flights and one ferry. Agree with everyone above. We went Friday and Saturday. WIsh we had gone Thursday/Friday instead as Saturday was brutal with too many people, and too much waiting to get inside many of the boats. We felt terrible for business owners who must...
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    Annapolis Show re visit

    Sent you a PM
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    Annapolis Show re visit

    Anyone have coupon codes for two day passes they can post or share via PM?
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    Lazy jack question

    Our lazy jacks can be tightened up or completely eased off. The only time they are tightened up is when lowering the sails. They are eased right off when sailing, and tensioned, but not tight when raising the sails just to make it easier to prevent a batten getting caught on the way up. Once...
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    Poor venting by design

    Wow, I have tried to be beyond polite with you Peggy. However your smugness at times gets to be a bit much. The pure ayre product works okay as I stated before, and yes I followed the directions on the label. Unfounded accusations to the contrary are both false and unnecessary. Ozone isn't an...
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    Poor venting by design

    Peggy, If you have a pile of dog excrement laying on the floor, an ozone generator will not make it disappear. It needs to be removed. No where in any of my posts in this thread did I say that cleaning up and removing the source is not required. If the source isn't removed all problems come...
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    Poor venting by design

    Caution yes, fear no. Bleach can make your whites in your laundry bright, and the right dosage of it can keep your fresh water tanks safe and sterile. Too much can ruin your laundry and poison your water supply. Ozone is no different. Dosage amount and time determines everything. Just like...
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    Annapolis Show re visit

    We're flying in Thursday, and out Sunday morning.
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    Annapolis Show re visit

    My wife and I are flying out this year for the show from BC. We'd definitely attend any meet ups.
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    Poor venting by design

    Have you considered buying a small ozone generator, and running it a few hours. They are amazing devices for killing long standing odours. I've bought one of ebay for around 80 bucks that kills odours faster than anything else. Just be sure to run them in an unoccupied space, and beware that...
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    Interior Mold Solution Needed

    1+ for an Ozone generator on a timer. Just be sure to protect any rubber, (engine mounts, dripless collar, etc) as ozone will attack rubber. However like zinc, ozone goes after the easy issues first. Using a machine for two hours, with an hour air out before entering the space is all that's...