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    Capri 22 Construction: Polyester or Vinylester

    Good to know. I'm about 19 years behind you, but I'll probably do the same to prevent future osmosis. Thank you.
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    Capri 22 Construction: Polyester or Vinylester

    Does anyone know if these boats are laid up using polyester or vinylester? And if they're using vinylester, what date did they start using it? Is anyone putting epoxy barrier coats on their boats? Any issues with blisters?
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    Does the bow ride high

    I am pretty sure mine does. My forward hatch drains always have standing water in them when I arrive back at the marina. I also think the excessive weather helm could be eased somewhat by moving some weight forward. I was thinking of relocating my battery, but I’m not sure that would be enough.
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    Boat Weight, Has anyone weighed their boat?

    The design displacement is what the (optimistic?) naval architect calculated the weight of water displaced would be if the boat were floating on its design waterline. Then there's the issue of weight being a factor. Of course it’s a factor, but so is the prismatic coefficient (basically how...
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    Boomkicker: is the Catalina Direct one worth it?

    I’m going to ditch my topping lift and get a boomkicker, but I noticed on the CD site that they want an extra $50 for something that prevents the boom from rotating at the gooseneck, and something that helps attach it to the race boom with the extra tab on the bottom. The photo is very...
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    Best Auto-pilot for the Capri 22

    I have an Autohelm tiller pilot (c. 2012), and it works is pretty well. It hunts a bit from time to time, and gusts can confuse it, but overall it’s not bad. The newer ones from Raymarine, Simrad or B&G are likely even better. My neighbor just got a brand new one, and he claims it steers better...
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    Forgive my ignorance, but what are these?

    Saw them in the listing, and wasn't sure what they were. Thanks in advance.
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    Convert from quick release to more secure standing rigging

    I just purchased a 2008 Capri 22 with standard rig from a guy who kept it behind a low bridge. It has a quick release headstay and upper shrouds, gin pole, etc. I do not ever plan to lower the mast in its new location, and the rig just feels flimsy. What do you think is the most economical...
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    FOUND: Owner's Manual for ASA First 22

    UPDATE: I Have received a Beneteau ASA First 22 Owners Manual. It’s in French, but Google Translate has helped. Alas, there are no specific instructions for maintenance of the jack screw.
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    FOUND: Owner's Manual for ASA First 22

    Is that site maintained? It doesn’t use SSL and looks like something out of 1997. I expected to see a “This site best viewed in Netscape Navigator” gif at the bottom. At any rate, “I” have signed up for it. We’ll see if “I“ get access, as it appears it is a manual approval process. Thanks!
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    FOUND: Owner's Manual for ASA First 22

    I am having trouble locating the owner's manual for the [2015] First 20/ASA First 22 (same hull and keel, different layout). In particular, I am interested in the schematic, parts list, and maintenance procedure for the keel-lifting mechanism. The seller reports an occasional small amount of...