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    In Mast Furling Mainsail's Aft Roller

    We had to put leather between the sail web and the block as it shredded the webbing in about 2 years of use. It's been three years with the leather as a buffer and all is well.
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    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    What you guys are calling the anode sure looks like the gear case cover to me. It should house the rear bearing for the prop shaft and the lower unit or sail drive seal.
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    H41DS Refrigerator/Freezer Replacement

    Don't go nuts with any foam down there, there are wires and things that run up to the lazarette running under that floor space.
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    Need a measurement of the Sanitation Host

    Shields has lifetime no permeation guaranteed hoses, polyurethane lined hoses. They are expensive. They work.
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    In-mass furling on 376

    The problem with Dacron is the stretch. And it stretches quick. It's rubbery like a cheap out haul line and certain lines as well as your sail material should be low stretch. Until I put laminates on the boat I could never flatten the foot of the main. The foot is just over 18 feet and you...
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    In-mass furling on 376

    Sorry it's been a while. Just moved south, the retirement police, you know. Sailm8 is correct, default to the sail makers decision for the weight of your boat. This is what I went with, Tri-Radial CLP Laminate Main.
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    And now, a word from the wise

    If you think you're going slow enough to dock, slow down! And don't worry about the prop walk, use it to your best advantage. Good Luck Dom
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    In-mass furling on 376

    yes go with a laminate sail. They don't stretch and perform much better than dacron. The are stronger and yet are thinner than dacron. Because they don't stretch and are thinner they furl and unfurl exceptionally well. They are a bit higher priced but I have been delighted with mine. Of...
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    2020 Photo Contest

    Leaving Morehead City aka Beaufort NC on our way south. October 23, 2019.
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    2020 Photo Contest

    Taking a bit of a break for a liquor run and a high pressure shower on the ICW. Dowry Creek Marina. Awesome stop, Awesome people.
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    Beneteau First 35s5 offshore?

    That was our last boat. It took a hurricane and a 35 foot Grand Banks to beat it into submission. Someone actually bought it for salvage. We now own a Hunter 41. All that being said it was an excellent boat that I would not be afraid to go anywhere in. We sailed that boat up and down the...
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    Plaintiff-in-Limitation Law: Another Risk for the Underinsured?

    If this were true, none of us would need insurance at all. I'm going to talk to my underwriter about the real life implications of this. Thanks for the info KG
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    Boat delivery from New England to Virginia

    I would like to mention one thing that is pretty important. Aside from weather that might cause wind and waves, the water temperature is very important to your comfort on deck. The colder the water temp the more miserable sitting in the cockpit at night can be. I don't mind the fall trip...
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    Boat delivery from New England to Virginia

    Where is your final destination? The Chesapeake is a big place. What is your draft. There are tons of places you can't get to in a 60' tall, 5' deep sailboat but very few in some places that you can fit. Jersey coast has little refuge and Delaware, on the outside has none. If your running...
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    I have one on my 4JH4. I really like it. The nice thing is that once you buy one, they are simple to have someone re-machine the parts. It is a shame they went out of business.