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    Tach for Mercury Outboard

    I have a 2002 30hp efi that came with a system monitor installed but not working. I used this link for some good info. I had to solder a resistor because the previous owner had the wrong cable installed. Good luck...
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    New 26M Bow Lights Don't Work

    Here was the reason my bow lights were intermittent. Wires run under chain plate!
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    towing a 26x

    I have a 2000 X and tow it with a 2010 Grand Caravan 4.0L with tow package. I am in Illinois and only tow on mostly flat areas to Lake Michigan twice a year. Mine is rated at 3500lb also and although it pulls fine and stops without a problem, if I towed it all the time I would get a cheap tow...
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    buy macgregor or not?

    We were thinking of getting a slip in Chicago harbor system. It was the price/hassle/rules that made us look elsewhere. We ended up in Hammond for this season. We love the Chicago lakefront and plan on motoring over occasionally for an overnight stay. The new 31st marina will have a ramp and...