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    H26 from lake to sea

    If your boat does not require full throttle to reach top speed through the water in a flat calm, then a bigger motor will not help you fight a current. Boat speed through the water doesn't care if it's the boat moving through still water or the water moving past the still boat. It's all the...
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    Heliatos solar water heater

    No personal experience with it. For boats, they say it’s designed to work with a marine water heater. Unless you don’t run your engine for days it seems not worth the cost or installation to me. Might be interesting for those who really do cruise without running their engine for days at a time.
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    Midship cleat on toe rail?

    IDK but some of these ideas seem OK for use during temporary docking maneuvers, but maybe not for long term docking. I’m just not sure toe rails and genoa tracks are necessarily intended for full time docking loads.
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    Actually, I don’t.
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    Thrust lever, maybe?
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    Some you pull the lever outward on its shaft and then in either direction for revs without gear. (technically it’s not a throttle on a diesel, it’s a fuel delivery rate control, I’m drawing a blank on what you’d call it though)
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    Hunter 23.5

    None of the diagrams in the factory manual appear to show the shrouds crossed for the 23.5, but do show the shrouds crossed for the 26, but mine are not crossed (H26). Somebody somewhere must know for sure. Dave will likely have some background.
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    Yanmar alternator loosens way too often

    Just to confirm: the alternator literally moves on the bracket, thereby loosening the belt? Or the belt starts slipping without bracket movement?
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    Hunter 23.5 Mast Raising with Roller Furling

    The procedure uses the in-mast jib halyard to raise and lower the mast, not the halyard that is in the furler. The in-mast jib halyard is generally never used for anything else if a CDI furler is installed. Get an owners manual, if you don’t already have one, because it describes this very...
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    Shroud on deck

    Those retainers are intended to keep the shroud/stay in place while raising the mast. They should not matter once the mast is up, as there shouldn’t be enough slack to allow the t-fitting to turn enough to come out. Are you sure the mast and the receptacle are OK/undamaged?
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    How does the Hunter 240 sail?

    Just a reminder that the water ballast effectiveness has nothing to do with being above or below the waterline. It works just like any other ballast of the same position, volume, and density.
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    H23.5 sliding hatch

    I love these extra insights from Dave. Seriously.
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    Help with identifying my boat?

    No HIN means older than Nov 1972, if that helps narrow it down any.
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    San Pedro to Two Harbors in a 19' Mariner

    Posters keep calling this an “open boat”, but I’m pretty sure it is not.
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    240 center board

    Raises a question: On this family of Hunter sailboats (23.5, 240, 26, 260), with such a high aspect ratio centerboard, along with not actually retracting into the hull, how much difference in drag is there with board up or down?