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    Hunter 26 mast fit on 260

    If you start carrying water in the ballast tank while towing, make sure the trailer and tow rig are both up to the extra load. The whole point of the water ballast is to reduce the towing weight. To me, the pump out stuff you’re thinking of is not worth the complexity vs dumping a porta potty...
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    Hunter 26 mast fit on 260

    Rake and bend are two different things. A straight mast is usually still raked.
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    Hunter 26 mast fit on 260

    This site’s parts dept lists the same Z-spars mast for the H26 and the H260. I don’t know if the 260 came with any mast other than the Z-spars, but I’m pretty sure the H26 did. If the manufacturer matches between the two masts, you might be fine. You could likely get some good input directly...
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    Slipper 17. Removal of Deck mounted mast support

    I think if you’re removing the mast compression post, you probably want to drop the mast first anyway?
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    Boat and trailer

    According to the trailering weight of the 19-2 is 1500 lbs/680 kg. It is a water ballast boat.
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    Hole in the cabin floor beside step? Does anyone know what it for?

    If you do open it, please post a photo so nobody ever has to wonder again.
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    Hole in the cabin floor beside step? Does anyone know what it for?

    My 1998 H26 has the exact same thing, so I think it was probably factory-installed. I’ve never removed it to see what’s there, yet.
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    Switching my 1976, Hunter 30 diesel to electric

    To try to summarize some of what I’m hearing here: You cannot financially justify replacing a functioning diesel with electric, it must be for fun or to make a statement You can likely use an all electric system if you only use it for docking/mooring and have shore power every night or don’t go...
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    Am I crazy to buy a 23.5 project boat

    The ballast tank won’t start leaking unless it is abused in some way. If it’s sound now, then it will likely stay that way. Don’t let it freeze when full, for example. Don’t drill or tap screws into it, for another example - make sure you realize just where the tank is
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    Rigging attachment question

    Those are usually flag halyard cleats. There would likely be a small block on the underside of the spreader above.
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    American Fiberglass 21 upgrades

    According to that’s not a centerboard but a lifting keel weighing 550#. I imagine that the keel is supported by some kind of bunk while on the trailer? If so, then it should just be a case of figuring out how to access the lifting cable. Maybe follow the cable from the winch...
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    Bimini for 1995 Hunter 26.

    It seems to be difficult to find a H26 bimini that doesn’t interfere with boom and/or the main sheet. Mine interferes with both unless I shorten the topping lift unnaturally and attach the main sheet to the reefing padeye. I keep trying to think of what to do about it, but I hate to just move...
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    Porta Pot on 23.5

    This. That’s what we used to do on our Catalina 22.
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    Worth the Cutter Rig?

    Technically, adding a staysail to a sloop makes it a staysail sloop, not a cutter. A cutter has the mast set farther aft than a sloop and therefore has a larger foretriangle.