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    irwin 43

    hello all .... just got back from my vacation... spent 2 weeks on my Irwin 43ft staysail ketch sailboat... my wife and I loved our time on it... didn't do much sailing as most of the prevailing winds were out of the south, and we her headed south... we did get the sails up a couple of times and...
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    Re-powering Irwin 42 Center Cockpit

    hello all I just purchased a 1977 Irwin 43 aft cockpit staysail ketch... it has a perkins 4-154 62 hp engine in it.... does 8 knots at 2500 rpms and burns 3/4 gph... good engine... sincerely Jess
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    irwin 43

    hello all.... is there any exemployees of Irwin yachts from 1977 that I can talk to, who might have worked on the sailboat I am looking forward to buying.... this particular interior layout and hull are not listed anyplace.... I did find out they only made 3 sailboats of this design... thanks
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    irwin 43

    well... I didn't get any replies, but that is ok.... I took the plunge, had the boat checked out, and I put down a deposit on it... it looks great for a boat of it's age.... I will be on it at the end of the month... I plan to sail it south to the keys and then back up to the Tampa area in the...
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    irwin 43

    Hello All.... I am looking at an Irwin 43' aft cockpit staysail ketch sailboat... with the idea to possibly purchase it... I was told by an exemployee of Irwin Yachts that they only made 3 of this model and interior makeup... this particular design was not offered beyond '77 .... it was not...
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    theft from boat

    hello all I live along way from my 45ft sailboat... at present I have my boat at a dock behind a private residence in Florida... I pay me dock rent each month on time... I keep my boat plugged into shore power to keep the batteries fresh... the other day I ask my buddy to go down and get my...
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    Waste tank treatments

    hello all has anyone used the holding tanks treatment chem used in RV's in their tank ?.... is it safe to use ?... does it keep the smell down ?... if that is not proper to use, then what would be a good product to use ? sincerely Jess
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    Marina's seem to hate sailboats

    hello all I have a 1967 Kittiwake 23 that I trailer sail... our local lake here has 2 mast cranes set away from the ramps.... I use one to raise or lower the mast... it takes me 30 minutes to do the standing rigging and make sure the running rigging is not fouled up or twisted... then I...
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    teak toe rail

    hello all thanks for the responses... I plan and have the experience to replace the toe rail myself... my biggest problem and reason for this post is finding a cost effective material to replace it with... in my opinion teak is just too expensive a material and a lot of work to keep up... I...
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    Who is going sailing on the 4th of July?

    hello All the 4th was good, but I had to work that day... the company I work for does not believe in holidays.... we work 24/7/365.... I was hauling and dumping 17,000 tons of rock ballast along the route I drive.... I work for the railroad and we are getting ready for a very large rebuild...
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    teak toe rail

    hello all I have to replace the toe rail on my sailboat... it is a 1979 Dufour 12000ct 45ft sailboat... the gun'ale is raised and top off with a teak toe rail.... when this was installed at the factor, they attached several teak boards together to form both the width and length of the toe...
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    Lines aft to AVOID single-handing!

    hello all on my boat I have all the lines set up for single handed sailing.... my admiral doesn't swim and I do not plan to loose her... I make her wear her life preserver when she is up on deck... here are some pictures of how I have my boat set up for solo sailing.... also I have...
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    New Owners!

    hello Greengas like your pictures.... looks like you got yourself a really good boat there.... I like your little helper and 1st mate... I need to find me one of those too.... but the admiral doesn't want anymore... our youngest one is 18 now and getting ready for college.... how is it...
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    New Owners!

    hello Ronn solo sailing is the best way to go, expessialy if you have a lot of non sailors sailing with you... also different color ropes for each onboard will help too.... I always use a different color for every rope I have onboard... everything is color coded for area... blue = main, green...
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    Squishy deck?

    hello all I had a hatch on the lazzarette get soft.... the corner wore through and allowed water to seep into the wood, and eventually rotted it.... I used a drimel with a cutter head and cut the top edge of the side all the way around.... then I lifted off the top layer (fiberglass top) of...