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    A lost art: Conserving ice.

    Thanks, Jon, and everyone that has replied. That's what I'm looking for, - a solid improvement in stretching the ice. I'm getting tons of good ideas here and elsewhere. The vac panels are a miracle but only easily applicable if you're starting from scratch and building a box. They can supply...
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    Switching my 1976, Hunter 30 diesel to electric

    I don't think you can assume that someone looking into converting to E-propulsion, hasn't explored range, in depth. Many of these folks are way ahead of most of us that can't make E-power work in our heads. Phil, who posts here occasionally has converted his boat to e-power. He'll be sailing...
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    A lost art: Conserving ice.

    Has anyone used this system? I can't get much info from the website on fitting the irregular shapes I would need or installation around an existing box like this Thoughts?
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    A lost art: Conserving ice.

    What do you mean by 'fiberglass panels', Dave? Something removable? I'm thinking about the loop or water trap. That might help as long as it still drains on on it's own above a couple inches of melt.
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    A lost art: Conserving ice.

    I'm looking for a fun winter project under the cover. We're spending more time on board in season these days. How often we need to replenish things is on my mind. Coastal sailing is a feast underway, for us. We like to prepare and eat fresh food along the way. Naturally, my first thought is the...
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    Heave To Question

    We've always heaved to in our sloops. It was easy. But in a yawl, heaving to feels like cheating. You just reach back (after furling headsail and main), and sheet the mizzen main sheet - tight.
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    What do you store on-deck?

    One of the best features of my old boat is the huge cockpit lockers. For coastal sailors, there isn't much that we can't find space for, below decks. Plus there is a deck box for dock lines and misc. stuff you need at close at hand.
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    Etiquette pet peeves

    Thumbnails! Merry Xmas
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    Yard Recommendations - East Coast Refit

    There are many options up here in Maine, if you don't find something locally. Due to the growing number of marine haulers, there are a number of yards inland that do the type of work you seek. They arrange long hauls (out of state) as well as short. It might be worth your while getting quotes...
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    You're welcome, Jon! Here's another timeless sailboat in the November light. SOLUTION a 1963 Nielsen design.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    There was some good sailing in October and into early November. It was an odd season with flukey winds. I never tied a reef in all season. October was all or nothing, when it was all, I didn't even need a mainsail. By the end of October, most of the anchorages were empty. Even popular Pulpit...
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    Moorage Madness

    Not dockage (there is none in our harbor). Our mooring fee is $100 per season and I don't think the rate has changed in 20 years. I guess this is the beauty of town owned water access. The rising cost of most everything is covered mostly by the taxpayer (we res. rec boaters) as the access is...
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    Thankful much?

    I can thank you, Phil, for helping me get the hang of sailing in cyberspace. I can't remember who first placed me sailing on a sailboat. It must have been my parents at an early age, but it could have been a grandfather/mother. Small open boats with tillers and daggerboards. We never crossed...
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    Norwegian Shipping Going Electric

    This custom Tripp design was just launched in our harbor. It's no longer surprising that it has E-propulsion. A hybrid with a small diesel that will generate power when needed. Tomorrow is here. Nice lines: More surprising are cedar decks (teaks out of favor, too): A retracting keel...
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    Norwegian Shipping Going Electric

    True, our sources for electricity are changing: In 2020, 79% of Maine's electricity net generation came from renewable energy, and hydroelectric power provided the largest share at 34%. Maine ranks sixth in the nation in the share of its electricity generated from wind. In 2020, wind provided...