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    This is for the birds...

    I hang compact disks in a couple of areas. The light reflecting off them keeps the birds away. Best alternative use for a salsa mix cd that I have found to date.
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    Banging noise under sail, small(er) speed under power ?

    Will you engine achieve full rpms, around 3200 in neutral? Is there any vibration at high RPM? The engine is designed to do this safely and the manual recommends that you do this for 30 to 60 seconds prior to engine shut down to blow out the carbon built up by the low RPM operation associated...
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    Bizarre bilge pump mystery

    Have you tried to run the pumps with a stand alone 12 VDC power supply like is used to jump a car with a dead battery? You may find that all of your pumps are still good. A ground wire going south because of corrosion causes some weird behavior. I replaced 2 pumps back to back. First one pulled...
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    Bizarre bilge pump mystery

    Since he had multiple problems with multiple pumps from various manufacturers in multiple configurations, I would bet a steak dinner the wiring is the culprit which can be quickly verified with an external 12 VDC power supply connected directly to the pump, thereby bypassing the existing wiring...
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    Bizarre bilge pump mystery

    A check valve seems like a good solution, but strictly prohibited. I tried it anyways and it was a failure for multiple reasons, and all of them were not good if you wanted the pump to work. A scupper valve at the end of the discharge hose is the best approach for reducing water flowing back...
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    Bizarre bilge pump mystery

    Bilge pumps are essential safety equipment keeping your boat afloat if something dire should happen while out sailing miles away from land. Your 34' boat should have around 4000 gph pump capacity installed. The bilge should have two completely redundant 1100 gph automatic bilge (completely...
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    Bizarre bilge pump mystery

    My 2 cents. Float switches are problematic. Upgrade to automatic Rule 1100 gph with the built in computer sensor. Pump comes on every 2.5 minutes for a brief check to see if there is any water to pump. This gives you an audial confirmation that all is good without having to uncover the bilge...
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    Shaft anode small bubbling

    Dammit Jim I'm a doctor not an electrician!
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    Let's say you sold your boat to one of your good friends.............

    I helped out a golf pro who had a security issue by selling him an AK47 version 12 gage shotgun at cost, really cool Russian manufactured piece of hardware. He sold it a few days later at 100% profit. I felt used. I never made that mistake again. The experience helped me in the long run to...
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    Tachometer installation method found!

    Do you take the entire cable off and soak it, or just where it attaches at the engine? And where does it attach at the engine? And thanks for the comment, my tach has just started reading erratically.
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    Friday evening sails and fireworks at Kemah Boardwalk

    The Kemah boardwalk features a fireworks display on Friday nights in June and July. I am taking a crew of 6 out on Galveston bay for a sail and then watching the fireworks. We went a little too far out the first trip and almost made the ship channel before turning around and heading back to...
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    Is this serious? Crack at base of mast support

    Through putting on the fiberglass. Next step is to sand and then cover with 5200 so it blenDs in with the rest of the bilge. Going out this Friday for a sail in the evening then will anchor off the Kemah boardwalk and have a few sundowner with the crew.
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    Is this serious? Crack at base of mast support

    Another 5 layers applied to the divot after work today, still another 15 to 20 to go. After it is sanded will cover it in 5200 so it will be white and match the rest of the bilge.
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    Is this serious? Crack at base of mast support

    Repair work is underway. I am also repairing the cover for the wiring at the electrical distribution box. I pulled the cover off to get access to the wiring lugs to add a new hot wire for the new bilge pump. Have applied 10 layers to the repair of the box in the bilge so far. Probably about 10...
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    Is this serious? Crack at base of mast support

    The only way to get visual access is to completely remove all the fiberglass, which appears to be at least 2" thick. After excavating 1 1/8" deep there is no more crack. Since fiberglass is waterproof I am inclined to believe that everything below the fiberglass is in good condition. Other than...