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    Flexible Solar Panel on Bimini - Backing?

    '][/URL] Have had a Solbian panel held on to my bimini with zippers for the past 4 years with no problems. It doesn't go over any of the framework. Zippers on two long sides only, allows air to flow in on the short sides. Super easy to install and remove when needed. Have never felt...

    Launching / Retrieving a Catalina 22 with a Prius....?

    Not sure where you are located (salt or fresh water), but I wouldn't want to dip my Prius in a salt bath. It sits low and most of your wiring will get wet, not good for the longevity of your car. Not to mention the batteries.................

    Mast Pumping 1988 Catalina 36 MKI

    To help with your mast pumping at anchor, spiral wrap one of your halyards around the mast. This will help breakup the air flow.

    Headstay too short?

    Sure sounds like something wasn't measured correctly. How is the rake on your mast? That will determine if the back stay or forestay is too short.

    Don’t ignore above-the-water-line thru hulls!

    Wouldn't have any thru hulls that aren't ss or bronze on my boat.......above or below the waterline!

    '84 Mac 25 - Is She Worth It?

    My 25 was in worse condition when I got it. A year of hard work and ten grand later, I had a awesome $4k boat that I've sailed the heck out of for the past 10+ years with no worries. I even trailered her down to the Florida Keys three times. The hull, keel and rigging are the important stuff...

    Lowering mast On Mac 25

    My wife and I raise and lower the mast by hand (Iwo Jima style). To lower, take sail off, boom off, and all running rigging. I take off the rudder and have a long mast crutch that goes in it's place. Wife stays at mast, pushing forward (upper shrouds and back stay will keep mast from falling...

    Stern fiberglass bulkhead on 25

    My 1979 V-25 doesn't have any bulkheads aft, so I don't see why you couldn't cut a big hole in yours. '] '][/URL]

    Rookie Question about Spinnaker Tack Line

    Run the tack line back to a cam cleat in the cockpit area, and make the line long enough to do what you want with the sail. You can also let the sheet go some, and turn more dead downwind to douse the sail with the sock.

    Locating small seawater leak on Yanmar 4JH2E

    I would think that part of the engine would be pretty far away from the PSS seal. Why would the vent be way up there? The only sea water at the front is the raw water pump, but its on the other side of the engine. Where does your raw water line run? Maybe there is a small pin hole in the...

    Mac 25 Deck core and chainplates

    They are 3/8" bolts.

    Mac 25 Deck core and chainplates

    in my picture above, the yellow is the deck piece, the white is the interior liner, which goes from the hull/deck joint on one side to the joint on the other side. The 3 bolts in the chain plate go through the liner and the hull.

    Mac 25 Deck core and chainplates

    it just occurred to me that you have a newer 25 than mine, which doesn't have the flat side decks that mine does. See if you drill the rivet hole all the way through that you can get to the hole to put a nut on the screw. It may be hidden by the hull/deck trim piece. I bought an extra set of...

    Mac 25 Deck core and chainplates

    there is no core in the chain plate area (core plywood is under the blue non skid areas ). drill out those rivets, clean out the old caulking, and reseal with Lifecaulk or 4200. Use #10 machine screws, with nuts/washers underneath, to hold the plate down. These new to be recaulked every couple...