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    Are Boat Shows Good Places to get Deals on New Sails?

    Last year I went through this, but since the boat show was cancelled I did it all online. They all gave me a "boat show discount", and showed that in the quote. In the end I went with Quantum, who despite my boat being production the local guy came down and measured it. Lo and behold, despite...
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    2008 Hunter 36 install of Raritan Fresh Head

    Already fixed up a placard by editing their printed instructions, which I’m going to laminate and affix to the bulkhead ;). And I made a 20 second video for...uh...visual learners. As always Peggy, thanks for the GREAT advice. Would've never found this solution without reading your posts. I...
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    2008 Hunter 36 install of Raritan Fresh Head

    Jabsco needed rebuilding again, so decided to replace entire head with a Raritan Fresh compact marine head. We never cruise enough for freshwater use to be a problem, and getting rid of seawater smell is a bonus. Plus - Raritan vs Jabsco. Peggy recommended this head, and the bolt footprint is...
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    2004 Hunter 41 Seldon Rodkicker fix

    Happy to help. I ordered the Selden Gas Spring Kit (RodKicker 10/Hard). All in it was $188.81. SBO actually sells them at a competitive price. Write them if you can't find it on the site - they're very responsive. I corresponded with Selden to find out the right one for my boat (yours is...
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    2004 Hunter 41 Seldon Rodkicker fix

    Added a Rodkicker 10 to my 2009 H36 and like it a lot. I can use my topping lift for all sorts of other things now, and my vang adjusts with one line now, not two (e.g. to lock the vang into place without a Rodkicker you have to set the topping lift AND the vang to pull up and down...
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    B361 temperature reading

    Try recalibating the temp, but if that doesn't work, then as above, the thermister is dead and there's no repairing it. You could buy a new sensor, cut the wires near the thru hull, use the manufacturer's wiring block to connect, and put the new one in. I've been contemplating doing that myself.
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    Embarrassing Moments

    I was singlehanding under auxiliary on a windless day back from an overnight in the Choptank River. Beautiful clear day, and as I entered some shallow water I started to encounter the expected crab pots at that time of year. I was trying to take care of some things so I let the autopilot steer...
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    Nav System Replacement

    I have a 12" touchscreen at the helm that is 8 years old. No issues in any weather. It is covered by a bimini, but it definitely gets wet. If things get hairy you're likely not be diving into menus anyway, you'll be busy doing other things.
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    Stop wires slapping inside of mast?

    We did this to an old Catalina 27 that was just embarrassing to be tied up next to anyone the mast slap was so bad. It did require the stick to be pulled and all the wiring to be pulled out, but it worked extremely well for 8 years until we sold the boat. Very cheap, expedient solution but...
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    Where to buy need 2" hinged jaw rail slide/clamp?

    If this is what you're looking for SBO has it for sale: Hunter 36 rail clamp, hinged, for 2 in. rails (
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    Make sure you get two. The propane locker on the 36 will hold both nicely, and when you run out of one you know its time to refill when you hook up the second. Also, if you buy the adapter and hose for your grill you can run the bbq off the spare bottle instead of hauling around 1 lb camping...
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    Hunter 38 electric heads recommendations

    NVM, was able to find a review on Hodges Marine that confirmed the mounting holes are the same:
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    Hunter 38 electric heads recommendations

    Peggie: Will the Raritan Fresh Head mounting bolts fit into the same bolt holes as a Jabsco manual marine small bowl toilet?
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    Sell day is NOT one of the happiest..

    The second boat I ever owned was a Precision 18. My buddy and I sailed that thing all over the Potomac River out of Quantico from Alexandria down to Dahlgren. With the center board up we could slip into almost any creek and have a quiet night in the cuddy cabin. Well, except for the...
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    Maine Sail update

    Thanks SO much for making us aware/updating. MaineSail is a living legend - few serious sailors I talk to aren't aware of who he is and his tremendous contributions to the sailing community. I've both purchased excellent products from him, and received great advice when upgrading my systems...