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    Voltage Regulator

    Thank you for the response. This system was installed by the dealer 20 years ago. I have the original notes from the installer. He used a balmar BRS regulator that combines with. Weems and plath c6 FS #11153 product number. ( this is the radiator looking part with cast louvers) says voltage...
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    Voltage Regulator

    My voltage regulator quit on me. I have an older Balmar hi power alternator set up with a voltage regulator and a manual spa creek control. The system is set up so the alternator wire runs thru the regulator then to the control then the batteries. The alternator is older and has no identifying...
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    What HP? Inflatable tender

    I bought a 9.8 tohatsu for my avon air a couple years ago. It was said to weigh under 80 pounds and i thought. Well i can muscle that ok. But i can't and it needs 2 to put it on and off the rail mount. I leave it on the dingy on the davits now when sailing but wish i had gone with a lighter...
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    theft from boat

    People in my neighborhood rent their docks mostly because someone asks them and they are not using them. You very seldom see a homeowner on a million dollar lot desperate to lease his dock out for $500 a month., and then expecting his insurance to cover your Boat. That is just crazy. To the...
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    Buying boat, narrowed to 3 options

    As you try to choose remember there is a reason there are so many Catalinas. They have been tested over time and make great forgiving sailboats and that is probably the reason they hold their values.better than many similar boats. Having owned a couple other brands i feel that my Catalina is a...
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    theft from boat

    I live in a canal community with direct access to open water. All the homes here have docks and some lease them out, but not many. Owners too have deductibles on theft and the cost of insurance in Florida is sky high so most have deductibles of $1000 or more.We have video cameras, dock and...
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    Topping Lift or Boomkicker

    Boom kicker is much easier. Have never regretted. This upgrade.
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    "Northers" in the eastern Gulf of Mexico

    Crab traps are a problem at times but usually they are not too far offshore. Sometimes between Naples and Marco they start a mile or so offshore and are in rows about 50 to 100 yards apart they may go,out 20 or more rows. And rows say 5 miles long. Once you get past them it is not so bad but...
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    Cameo appearance

    I am glad to see i am not the only one who gets a kick out of these sci fi masterpieces. Do not forget dino-crock, my all time fave name.
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    "Northers" in the eastern Gulf of Mexico

    Living in Naples i have sailed to the keys and down the coast many times. Usually you have ample warning of a cold front and the weather to come. I have on, more than one occasion, left the boat in Key West and other locations during a blow that lasts for days and came home and returned for it...
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    Water leak

    You might check the hole where the anchor locker drains out. On my boat the fitting holding the water line drain tube was cracked. Could not see it from the deck but when i splashed water on it i could see water intrusion in the inner hull. When sailing with the rail down on that side water was...
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    Wing keel performance

    I have a 34 wing keel and love it. All that talk you are hearing is from low information sailors. From experience over the last10 years i have found no negatives to the wing keel. My boat a Catalina 34 is solid and a great sailor. Much better than my previous o day 30 with a centerboard. My...
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    Marine Plumber in Naples, FL area?

    I am in Naples too and would be willing to help you. I do quite a bit of my own maintenance on my 34 Catalina. Email me off this site. I am in Royal Harbor. (Terry)
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    Battery charger

    Got a duplicate replacement charger and installed it. All worked fine again. However, after i removed the old i found the screen over the little blower fan was clogged with dust. I wonder if this would cause the problem, ? Overheating? I re read the manual and found no mention to keep this...
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    Battery charger

    I talked to the help line on the phone as I was troubleshooting in the boat. Checked power in.. Ok, checked connections, all good and unchanged. Checked internal fuses (2) both good. So how does it blow and fuses still in tact? Regardless it will not power up. Next they said disconnect...