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    '96 336 Lewmar portlight sizes

    OK, Sounds good - I also need the seal for the Portlight in my aft cabin which is a Beckson 512 (Ports and Parts) (Beckson Port Replacement Gasket - 5" x 12"), they seem to be on Backorder - do you know how long and will you match the defender price? (Beckson Port Replacement Gasket - 5" x 12")
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    Climbing your mast alone

    Looks fine to me, the Ascender is on the Spinnaker line which is connected at the bow and there is a backup prusik knot on the main halyard (or topping lift). I did the same but used the main halyard with backup prusiks on the topping lift both tensioned top and bottom
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    '96 336 Lewmar portlight sizes

    I am trying to Identify the Lewmar portlight for the '96 336 bathroom and Bedroom from Lewmar's size chart. I measured it as 15.5" x 8.125" when measuring from the inside, only when I got home did I see they wanted me to measure from the outside. Anyway this chart states it is likely a size 5...
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    Anyone use a CPAP when they anchor or moor out?

    I use a Resmed Airmini when i travel. I have used it on many international trips and on the plane, i havent used it on the boat yet but a battery pack is available that i would charge by day use by night. The Airmini has a unique humidifier system called HumidX. Which recycles the moisture in...
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    where to mount GPS/Chartplotter on 1995 Hunter 336

    I have the H336 with the mid-mounted traveler and not the helm mounted one. I have a 10.1" GPSMap mounted on top of the console. its not fitted in this pic as the boat is on the hard and getting ready for winter
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    Changing TV and Electronics-- Using Tablet for TV and Navigation?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and that has GPS based on a satellite app that says I have 18 satellites connected. However, look up Openplotter (Sailing with free hardware | Sailoog), you could fit a headless Raspberry PI running Openplotter and then link via wifi to the Samsung pad
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    Hunter 336 traveler

    The Traveler on my H336 is mid mounted, see the pic