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    Topping lift attachment on a 1988 33.5

    On my 1992 H 33.5 the topping lift is attached to the end of the boom, goes up over a sheave at the masthead, down through the mast, through a block at the base and back through a clutch into the cockpit. The double block inside the boom is for the jiffy reefing system. It allows me to pull down...
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    3GM30F problem

    Roger, Will do.
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    3GM30F problem

    Losing coolant Well, there WAS antifreeze in it. I just replaced it with water because that was all I had with me. I don't want to replace the antifreeze until I figure out where it's going. So, at the initial loss of coolant, there was no antifreeze in the oil, under the engine, in the bilge...
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    3GM30F problem

    OOPS! Yes, there is a hot water heater in that circuit but we did not notice antifreeze or odd smells coming from the faucets. Tom
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    3GM30F problem

    OK, the oil is good, no white stuff. That was the first thing I checked. My overheating alarm went off as I was exiting the marina. Luckily, I was able to get the jib up and kill the engine. I sailed out and away and set my hook. I then proceeded to check the raw water side starting with the...
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    3GM30F problem

    I have a problem with my 3GM30F. I'm loosing the fresh water. I can't figure out where it's going. There is no evidence of a leak, no accumulation of water under the engine. To my thinking, it must be going out the exhaust through 1 of 2 ways; 1. through a leak in the heat exchanger that bleeds...
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    Wet Galley Floor

    The galley floor came with a brown tile-like mat with a pattern of approx. 1" diameter raised circles. We also have this material in the aft cabin. Tom
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    Fuel Overflow in Cockpit - Hunter 33.5 1992

    I have a '92 H33.5 The vent is on the hull, port side just below the fill cap. The tank is below the floor in that lazarette. I've had to replace my fuel tank because corrosion caused a leak into the bilge. I have no idea why fuel is getting onto your rudder post. The top of the tank is at...
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    Shaft log hose - How old is too old and what would you do?

    Re: Shaft log hose - How old is too old and what would you d I'm in the middle of replacing my prop shaft right now. I have the Buck Algonquin ordered and will be putting it all together this weekend. My question is: Does this hose go on dry or should I use some type of sealer on it? Tom
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    Main Sail Cover

    I have one from an H33.5 The H33.5 boom is 13.5'. I have a good quality cover in good condition that I wouldn't mind selling. The color is Sunbrella Oyster (I think).
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    Mainsail Reefing Problem

    Mine started working smoothly........ ......once I removed a few years accumulation of bird's nests from the boom. Now, I always keep a rag stuffed in the end of the boom. Now is the time to make sure your boom is closed, it's nesting time. Tom
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    Owner's Manual for 1992 Hunter 33

    I have one let me dig it out and see exactly what I have. Is there anything specific you are looking for? Tom
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    Replacing the prop shaft

    Going to use a local shop They have a lot of experience and they are convenient. They pick up and deliver to my marina twice a week. I plan on keeping my traditional stuffing box and will take this opportunity to replace the cutlass bearing. I'm still on the fence regarding the flex coupling...
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    Replacing the prop shaft

    Thanks for the tip on Aquamet. I'll look into it.
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    Wrenches needed to tighten stuffing box on a 28.5

    I use the same wrenches as Ralph & Warren. Do you have the plastic stuffing box? My H28.5 had one until a H30 sailor showed me his. It was cracked 270* around. He had packed it with JB Weld to get home and had it hauled immediately. I promptly replaced mine with a bronze one. Just curious...