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    mooring pick up buoy from leaning over in current?

    Is it your mooring or one you're just hooking up too periodically? I ask, because the ideal solution is to give the mooring a keel weight making the buoy float more upright. The longer the keel stem the less weight you'll need, as it's a matter of changing the moment and COG. Otherwise, a...
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    New owner of Bristol 24

    I have a 5hp honda outboard on mine - not fast, but gets her moving. She can hold 4 knots in mild current with the 5hp. I think a 10hp would be plenty - the previous owner had a 10 on her and said she went faster but fuel consumption was about 3x what it is with the 5. I would guess that 15...
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    Looking at a Bristol 24 this weekend

    I've got one myself - let me know what questions you have, but it really depends on what you want to do with it... if you're trying to prepare it for a blue water passage the level of preparation and redundancy is far greater than a weekend cruiser. The hull is very strong, but it is not the...
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    Dead thread?

    OK - fair enough - should have been something along the lines of "is this subforum dead?" as in: there is not much activity here at all... 1) Do we (Bristol owners) have nothing noteworthy to post? 2) Are we asleep at the helm? 3) Has everyone moved on... To respond to JSally - I need to get...
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    Dead thread?

    I have a 1967 Bristol24 Corsair and was looking to share information with others...
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    bristol corsair 24

    Been a while since it was posted, but here you go:
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    Cockpit teak

    Sorry - I meant AZEK - I got some at Home Depot to replace some rotted wood trim. Cuts, sands, can be routed, and takes paint like wood.
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    Cockpit teak

    Is there something similar to ATEK - similar strength as wood but resin/plastic based?