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    Firefly Carbon Foam AGM batteries

    Do you have a link for those?
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    Ugliest Production Sailboat thread

    Yikes... not the prettiest girl at the prom.
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    Hull construction at keelson, O'Day 40

    You appear to be correct.... Greg
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    Video Blogs - which do you watch and why?

    I like DIY stuff: Sail Life - this guy is a perfectionist extraordinaire, and is ~4 years into a refit of his current project boat. He finally splashed it, but is still working on all of the interior stuff. Sailing Cadoha - these Brits own the same boat as Sail Life...but they are just out...
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    Amount of Exhaust Water out the back

    I thought the OP said he was getting good flow to the pump, and after the pump... Greg
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    1996 HUNTER 336 Not on her lines

    I had a Hunter 280...she sat down a little in the back... unless we were over-canvasses and racing hard! and as someone mentioned, the exhaust exits under water a little... you cannot see your exhaust flow, but I was able to hear a different tone when I forgot to open the thru hull. Greg
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    Hull construction at keelson, O'Day 40

    Sounds like she will be a good boat when you get her ready to sail. Greg
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    Boom Bolt?

    My boom isnt attached like that, but I believe you probably need to remove the end cap (drill out the rivers), tighten the nut on the backside of that bolt (boom bolt is as good of name as any ) And the reinstall the end cap. You could thread the jokes in the boom and use screws to attach it in...
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    Hull construction at keelson, O'Day 40

    I thought that the keel stub or what you are calling the keelson, is solid glass. I have a 1988 O’Day 322 and it is solid glass. The only foam core is in the deck. How do you like the O40? There is an abandoned one at my marina...would like to get a look at her and see if she could be...
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    Why is America so disinterested in racing?

    I watched 1 round of the Prada race (Italy v Britain). The boats certainly were not slow, but figuring out who is leading, and who can overtake who, etc is pretty challenging (at least for me). What the sport really needs though is more NASCAR like action....crashes in the turns, rollovers on...
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    1 pound Propane bottles for Kenyon cook top

    I cook all the time on my stove, without opening up the boat. when I first added the flower pot (used), there was some smell...I opened the slider for a while to air things out. but now, I don’t have any fumes or smell. i did run out of propane today, and had to swap out a 5# tank. using the...
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    Garmin striker 4

    I don’t have that unit, but I have a Garmin chart plotter on my boat, and use it for depth, speed, water temp. It works great. On your boat, it would seem to be perfect. And it has a transom mount so you don’t have to put any big holes in the bottom of the boat. you could also mount the...
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    1 pound Propane bottles for Kenyon cook top

    The 1# bottles should work fine with the appropriate adaptor. I use 5# tanks...but mine are stored properly in a drained locker and plumbed to my stove with a solenoid. I don’t cook alot, but I have an oven and 2 burners that get used during our sailing season, and lately, I have been using a...
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    Amount of Exhaust Water out the back

    If it was me, I would start with the water intake and check along the way... 1) Is the thru hull clean and open? 2) is the strainer clean ? 3) are you getting good flow out of the hose right before it goes into the pump? 4) can you check to see what sort of pressure/flow you have after the...
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    What a beautiful morning- sitting on front deck soaking up sunshine in 65 degrees and listening to two neighbors mowing

    Yes...I was on Maui last February and Covid-19 was just hitting the way did I imagine what the next 12 months would be like. Greg