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    Propane Outboard

    As does this one…. Greg
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    Propane Outboard

    this Mercury model seems to be in production…uses a 20# propane tank instead of 1# cylinders. Greg
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Looks pretty sharp to me @Hollyberry ! Greg
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    Sanity Check: Winterization...Covering winches in a below freezing winter ? Maybe a cockpit tarp over the boom or unstepped mast ?

    There is a loop for a halyard and I usually put my spinnaker pole between the mast and the bow pulpit to help support it. Greg
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    Sanity Check: Winterization...Covering winches in a below freezing winter ? Maybe a cockpit tarp over the boom or unstepped mast ?

    In the Chicago area, we get all sorts of inclement weather…wind, rain, ice, snow and cold temps. The first year I had my O’Day 322, I covered it with a plastic tarp. Very tedious to get a frame to support and attach it to. You can get an idea of the work to tarp it from this video of me...
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    Winterizing 272le

    Here are some tips (but I don’t what systems your 27LE has)… several different systems to consider… 1) water heater / engine circuit…engine anti-freeze circulated through engine and the hoses take the hot AF to the heat exchanger in the water-heater…this gives you hot water when motoring…no...
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    Raw water strainer

    The Groco on the right is for the head, and the one on the lower left is for the engine strainer…
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Looks very “stealthy”… nice. Greg
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    Ignorant solar panel and battery questions

    I used to use 2 group 27 deep cycle batteries, and I would isolate one of the batteries during overnight stays so I always had juice to start the engine. This year, I upgraded to 2) 215 ah 6-volt GC batteries in series. I don’t yet have an engine start battery set up, but I did install one...
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    Repairing an HS35 handset

    That is a good find! I will have to look at mine and see if has the USB port. That would work great. thanks again. Greg
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    Repairing an HS35 handset

    Thanks for sharing that info. i have the B&G equivalent. So far, no charging issues, but at times the handset seems to not change channels correctly. I was hailing a Laker ore boat on Lake Michigan the other day, and the skipper asked to go to channel 8…could not get my handset to change...
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    H280 Rudder Depth?

    How much depth do you have where the rudder will be? The deep draft keel has a rudder slightly shorter than the keel. But not by much. If you have 6 feet of water there, probably ok. If you have 5 feet, you will be close…and any less than 5 feet depth is not going to work. Greg
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    Can't find the intake water strainer

    There must be a lot of rubber bits in your cooling system looking at that old impeller… make sure you check the hose and HX if you don’t know where all of the pieces are, or if you aren’t getting good flow out the exhaust. Is that a 2GM20F or similar? The backwards water pump is the same as...
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    Best Fill for Drill and Tap

    Looks great…now keep that Bene 39 away from your cleats! Greg
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    False fume alarm ?

    propylene glycol The primary components are either ethanol or propylene glycol. You may remember from your high school chemistry class that ethanol is the “kick” in Kickapoo Joy Juice—grain alcohol. So I assume the vapor detector can pick up the ethanol vapor. Greg