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    O'Day 20 in Narragansett and Buzzard Bays

    We sailed our CAL 21, very similar to hte O'DAY 20, from Wareham to Hadley's Harbor (Naushon Island) a few times for overnight "cruises", did Cuttyhunk twice, and my Dad and I even went to Oak Bluffs on Marthas Vineyard once when I was around 13 or 14. We actually purchased that boat from a...
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    Does any one have the size and lengths of all the lines on a oday widgeon 1965 year

    ?? Why so long? Well, if it were shorter, you would not be able to let the sail out all the way! <GRIN!> But, if your boat was set up with an aft traveler as shown in the attached diagram the main sheet may be shorter. That 36' length was the length of the main sheet on my boat, but I had the...
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    Does any one have the size and lengths of all the lines on a oday widgeon 1965 year

    Here are the specs for the Widgeon rigging, taken from my Expanded Owners Manual. The specs are actually from 1979, but matched what I had on my 1969 model which should match your 1965 model. I have attached a diagram showing the rigging of the mainsheet and jib sheets as well. Any other...
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    Widening the cuddy access on '74 Javelin?

    The Hulls of all Javelins were exactly the same, necessary for Class Racing. Deck was changed for the 1971 and later models, reason was to make the boat "Self-Rescuing", that is able to be righted after an unlikely capsize by the crew without outside assistance. The newer model with the...
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    O'DAY Widgeon Manual

    There has been a long-running thread on this forum about Widgeon Manuals,
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    What year is my Widgeon need someone with Widgeon experience

    I used to have a 1969 (might have been a 1970?) Widgeon, do your boat looks familiar. I'd place the age at 1963, maybe 1964, possibly from the first year the Widgeon was built! HULL# refers to total O'DAY production (all models) Class# refers to that class (Widgeon in this case). You have the...
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    O'DAY Widgeon Manual

    I have created an expanded version of the WIDGEON Manual, based on the O'DAY supplied Rigging sheet. It contains many added diagrams and pictures of all the items mentioned. Send me a private message for ordering info. I do charge $25 to cover printing and postage (sorry, no Digital version yet)...
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    mid-boom rigging for a '68 Javelin?

    Check out my reply to your question on this subject, posted under the question of Moving the tiller and Lines Out of the Cockpit of my Javelin? .
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    Moving the tiller and Lines Out of the Cockpit of my Javelin?

    Mid-boom sheeting will not "require" a boom-vang.....BUT IT SURE HELPS! <GRIN!> The vang is a big help even with the original mainsheet setup, I had more or less that setup on my old O'DAY Widgeon (12' sloop), and the boom-vang made a big difference! It holds the boom down so much more of the...
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    Legal number of passengers for O’Day 23

    That only refers to powerboats anyway. I guess that sailors are expected to have more "commonsense" <GRIN!> Sounds like you have an O'DAY 23-1 full pop-top (1971-73), most likely there is no 12-digit Hull ID Number on the Transom due to the boat being older than November 1972, when the HIN...
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    Mariner Main Sheet Rigging Photos

    To update my previous post showing pictures and diagrams, I posted several good pictures an a diagram on the O'DAY Owners Facebook page, i'll try to find them. In the meantime, these may help.
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    Mariner Main Sheet Rigging Photos

    NOPE, that would be how the O'DAY 19 and 192 were rigged, MARINER is different.
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    Need advice on how to lift a Daysailer II by davits?

    I'd try asking on the Day Sailer Class Association Forum, Perhaps someone there could help, but not "super" critical as long as boat is supported evenly, as you are only talking about 600-700# of boat.
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    Transom Replacement

    shemandr The 1969 JAVELIN is different from the 1971 and later model that you saw, the transom is completely accessible, very little in hte way. There should be pictures on-line somewhere showing one owner's transom replacement process. I'll see if I can find those pics in case they are no...
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    Question about Jib Furling System

    That is backwards, the bitter end of hte halyard line should be tied to the head of the sail and a line tied to the plastic slider is used to pull the slider down from the top of the furler, raising the sail. Then a shorter line is substituted for the line used to pull that slider down. I have a...