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    Used Catalina 30

    My 1986 C34 has 3,640 engine hours, and I use it a lot. Sounds reasonable. It's most likely an M25 engine. Engines 101 - The BIGGEST & BEST collection of M25 Series Universal Engine Information on the Internet, plus some M35, too :) Diesel Engine -
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    Engine control panel woes

    If how you use your boat includes using the alternator to provide battery charging, then you should also replace the ammeter with a voltmeter. The reason is that eons ago they ran the charging wire all the way back to the cockpit panel from the power producing alternator and only then back to...
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    That ^^^^ is very, very rare. You size the chain as part of the entire anchoring SYSTEM. Anchor System Sizing Tables (Reply #6) & Swivels Ground Tackle & Anchor System Sizing TABLES & Swivels
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    Blue sea switch

    Have you looked at what is at the other end of the red connected wire?
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    It's really hard to see into the irror when you're standing sideways! :):):)
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    For those of you who see "patterns and pictures" in clouds, I see the profile of a gentleman in the NW corner of Vancouver Island in John's photo of Mike's chart. Maybe even another one further east (the photo is about 45 degrees off kilter).
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    Low Power/RPM Universal M25XP

    Just occurred to me, and don't know if I asked before: Have you checked if your alternator belt is properly tensioned?
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    Low Power/RPM Universal M25XP

    Yes, that's a Facet (or Facet type) pump. Look carefully at the bottom: has a hexagonal bump at the bottom with tabs that keep the bottom section onto the body. Quarter turn oughta pop it off. Tank>Filter>Pump>engine filter
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    Low Power/RPM Universal M25XP

    Is it a cylindrical Facet fuel pump? If so, shut off your fuel supply, and simply put a wrench on the bottom of it. Be careful of fuel leak, and there's a small magnet and a screen in the bottom of the pump. However, your fuel should go to the primary filter first, NOT the pump. Why? Because...
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    No power AC cabin electric outlets

    Glad it worked out for you. :beer::beer::beer:
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    How to determine the regatta class of a 309

    True. However, many production boats already have their phrf #s developed by good race committees. You do NOT have a "one-off" unique boat, you have one that is substantially if not identically the same as a Catalina 30, CY made 6200 of them! You may want to find out if the RC already has...
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    Wind vane steering Hunter Passage 42

    IIRC, Scanmar in Sausalito, CA, represents a few different manufacturers. Try their website and then read the websites of the other vendors. Vendor websites should tell you ALL the answers to how each different one works. In addition, each vendor may likely have installation photos for many...
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    Help sailing

    Congratulations. All of us were in your shoes. Buy Don Guillette's excellent book about sial trim, right here on sbo. Look in the store for it. Best book ever, to compliment Judy's advice.
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    Switching to furler from hanked on 110 jib

    Why not measure? And without knowing how long the ones you have now actually are, no one should be able to answer your question. Good luck.
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    Exhaust Riser "mixing elbow" questions

    I would venture to encourage you to carefully inspect your old one, because it most likely disintegrated from the inside out. It is insulated on the outside to keep that excessive heat IN. There should be no corrosion on the outside of a hot pipe, especially when insulated. Nice work on the...