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    Anchor markers........

    Why is that an issue?
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    Fellow liveaboards - any tips for winter insulation? least that ^^^^ part's true...:cool:
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    Looking for Datamarine Depth Sounder S200DL

    Robbie is right, they FIX the OLD ones, read their website, linked earlier. Not too hard for a good start. Good luck.
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    Bow Falls off!

    Under motor, you might consider going faster to allow the ruder to work. Get your head out of the screen. I think THOSE are related. Otherwise, nope. Wing keels do leeway better than fin keels. It takes some time to learn your own boat's characteristics.. Good luck.
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    Are you an Electronics Junkie?

    I understand the first, but don't the second. Pushing UP & DOWN is too hard? Or is U&D a menu on this thing? There have been, and will continue to be, detailed discussions about this topic. Kinda like asking your mom what girl to marry before you've had a first date, or "What boat should I...
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    Fresh water pump chatter

    Actually, the plot simplifies. You now know why the pump cycled so much when you first turned it on. It had to fill the partially empty pipes with water until the pressure built up. Good lcuk on the fix. Happened to many of us. You did great finding the leak, that's usually the hardest part!
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    Nav Table or Junk Drawer?

    What a great reason to keep it uncluttered. :)
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    Hunter 33 Find Hours Used?

    Many of us find an hour meter indespensable for determining fuel consumption and in use as a more accurate measure of fuel requirements for refills than fuel gauges. Happy hunting.
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    Nav Table or Junk Drawer?

    They don't just become something, they are allowed to deteriorate. 21 years ago I bought some kitchen drawer dividers and made mine into my tool box. Very handy with a spring hatch holder to keep it open.
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    Rigging tightening

    All Catalina boat owners manuals have excellent rigging tuning guides.
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    Xantrex Link-1000

    I installed a new subwoofer. Then I went and broke my leg skiing. Finally back to the boat 3 months later and it wouldn't work. Traced all the wiring and fuses...still nothing. Then I opened the electrical panel and found the genius who'd wired it (me!) had very cleverly run the circuit to...
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    Amp Meter Guage

    Blue Sea make ammeters. Looks like a 120V one. Have you tried local electrical shops?
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    Engine Model ID???

    A picture sure would help. The model # is behind the thermostat. The exhaust manifold is on the right and has no engine information on it. This is an M25, 1986.
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    Sailboat Brand?

    3 portlights, swept back spreaders Catalina 42
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    New here new Catalina 40 owner.

    Tim, sounds good, very good. :) One important thing I learned and have heard repeatedly is: When one purchases a new boat, suppress the itch to "do" things. Make a list, put them off, 'cuz you'll have plenty of other things to learn. A year later, look at the list and see if there are any...