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    wind indicators/depth/speed suggestions?

    5th time sailing. Still can't sail but this made it way easier...
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    mail sail rigging questions

    I think I'm rigging my main sail wrong. 1. attach the boom. 2. slide the main sail up the mast 3. slide the main sail through the boom. 4. detach the boom from the mast rigging so it's held up by the main sail in the tracks(thanks were I think I'm wrong). If anyone has some pics or anything to...
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    I left the lights on

    Man that's a complicated question... You probably have the OEM lights on your boat which means they probably aren't the most energy efficient.... Age of your battery, lead acid, lithium, size... ideally a good battery should be able to last all night with the lights on... I'm not an expert with...
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    Climbing my mast? Hire someone or woman-up? :)

    only thing on here I'm qualified to answer.. DO IT... lol
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    20 or 25 shaft length outboard sailboat outboard?

    I haven't thought this much about shaft length since I was in middle school lol... I'll be heading to catalina in a couple weeks and there is a good chance I'll be on motor often. ... I wanted to get a 20 hp motor just so I could keep it at lower RPM for a longer time without blowing my motor at...
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    is it hard to tip a sail boat? mcgregor 26s

    I'm not a sailor, I have a combined sail time of 8 hours lol. Went out for the second time today and hit my new speed record of 8.5 knots with a good amount of wind. I may of panicked once or twice when I could reach over and put my hand in the water. My question is realistically how hard is it...
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    wind indicators/depth/speed suggestions?

    yeah man I was thinking the same thing about depth.. thanks for the reassurance
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    wind indicators/depth/speed suggestions?

    this was the only wireless one I could find for wind indicators, I'll let you know how it works.
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    Engine size sail boat. Help please.

    well I went no where fast lol!
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    wind indicators/depth/speed suggestions?

    hello everyone, question from someone with a total of 5 hours of sail time. I just took my mcgregor 26s out for the first time and I really want to upgrade the wind indicator to something modern and electric. I leave it on the trailer so it needs to work with a removable mast. I'll take any...
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    Engine size sail boat. Help please.

    googling crash JIB now lol!!! thanks man I'm definitely in the same place you are. Sat in my yard for a couple days figuring out what rope goes where lol!!!! I realized that when you buy used boats the previous owners tends to add a lot of extras, took me a minute to figure out all his mods but...
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    Engine size sail boat. Help please.

    100 percent have no idea how to sail. I doubt my 8 hours of YouTube school is going to help, you get why I'm so worried about a functional motor.. I would imagine I will be using it way more than the wind lol!!!! thank you
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    Engine size sail boat. Help please.

    Thanks for all the replies, the information was very helpfu. This seems like a great community to be apart of.
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    Engine size sail boat. Help please.

    hello everyone, I just purchased my first sail boat. I've actually never been on a sail boat do this is all very new to me. One question.. My 1992 mcgregor 26s came with an 8 Honda motor, I plan on going to catalina often which is about 23-26 miles. Sailing is my main goal but if the wind dies...