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    what's the difference?

    Just take the thermostat out and GO SAILING Steve B
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    what's the difference?

    Hi All Mark I (1967 - 1971) Fitted with the Albin 021/022 petrol Engine. Engine Exhaust in the centre of the transom near the waterline. Overhanging lip by the mainsheet track. Lower engine bearers to accept the smaller Albin 021/022 Petrol Engine. Stern tube at 8 degree downwards angle. Slight...
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    cookers & heaters, experiences ?

    Hi Hielke I think the Origo is a great cooker. They are now made under the name Electolux but still exactly the same cooker. Available in the UK quite easily. I know nothing about diesel heaters on boats. Sorry Kind Regards Steve Birch At 14:21 17/12/01 +0100, you wrote:
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    MD6A fuel feed puzzle

    Hi John Can easily be an airlock caused by leak-back. There is a fix for this in the VAGB TEchnical Notes, entails making a small resevoir with 22mm copper pipe. The no compression seems worrying? Is this lack of compression in teh cylinders? This can be caused after using the decompression...
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    New Dodger for the Vega

    Hi Series III Vegas are the ones that : 1. Have wider cockpit coamings so you can sit on them 2. Coarser non-slip coachroof etc 3. Original fitted with Volvo MD7A Diesel 4. From about V3100 onwards (approx) Cheers Steve B
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    New Dodger for the Vega

    Hi All The UK one that Diana makes is sure tough. Stainless steel frames. Cannot be fitted to the Series III Vega. Cheers Steve
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    New Dodger for the Vega

    Blush blush Steve B
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    Finally read "Berserk in the Antarctic"

    Hi No Berserk made it to Antartica and back to Chile. She then sank after hitting a container on her way to South Africa. See the video, DVD or read the book, all great. Gives an insight into the strength and durability of the Vega. Steve Birch (Technical)
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    Freeze Plugs

    Think you will find that teh MD6A pluigs are stainless and that is why they are so tough.... Ive used araldite before now! Steve B
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    Freeze Plugs

    Afraid I dont have them but can be made by a local metal shop if you take an old one in. Cheers Steve B
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    Manual Bilge pump

    Hi Gianni The original bilge pump is worse tha useless (on the cockpit floor). Fit a new one , whale etc. If yours is not on the cockpit floor then it has been fitted after-market and you will need to find out the make & model then buy a kit from a local chandlery. Regards Steve Birch At...
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    Manual Bilge pump

    Hi dave The 3000 series Vega uses a different type of rubber moulding that is almost impossible to source. I will ask in Sweden where I found the last lot but its a 5/50 chance. The otehr option is the new window set but they are a lot more expensive. I will see if I can find some for you...
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    Cockpit drainage

    Hi I am sure the correct thing is to reconnect the drain hoses. They are pretty simple and need to be done asap. The drains go to the transom via two large hoses and connect with jubilee clips. Also ensure the drains on the back of the cockpit locker lids are also connected (small 1/2 inch...
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    Ocean Crossing

    Loads crossed the Atlantic, quite a few have circumnavigated Steve B
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    Hurricane Proof Dodger

    Hi Kenneth Name is Diana Webb, sailing at the moment but she will be back end of September. Cheers Steve B