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    Tohatsu SP (propane) throttle question

    I purchased a power washer a couple of years ago and it came with a Honda 4 stoke engine. Included with the unit was a bottle of "Ethanol Shield" with explicit instructions to use the product with every refill. It has been trouble free. I also use it in all of my gas powered tools with great...
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    Tohatsu SP (propane) throttle question

    Check out this table. It is from the owners manual. It may help answer part of your question.
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    Need to re-seat the big front window on a Hunter 29.5

    I patched a leak in the fixed side ports on our Hunter Vision several years ago. The biggest issue is getting as much caulk old out before redoing it. What have you got to lose If you decide to purchase a new window I would recommend that you have the fabricator drill the holes (do not drill...
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    Rigid Boom Vang Failure

    Take photos of the mounting points and they may be able to replace your existing unit without modifications.
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    Rigid Boom Vang Failure

    You may want to check out Garhauer Marine. They will make custom fittings for the boom and the mast end of a new vang.
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    Refinish teak veneer on companionway to salon

    Have you considered one of the laminate products like Formica? They make some products that look like wood .
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    What size Radiator cap ??

    Do yourself a favor and purchase an OEM cap from a Yanmar dealer. One of my sailing friends screwed around with aftermarket caps for a year or more and continued to have issues until he got a Yanmar cap.
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    Hunter Vision 32 Boom vang

    Check with this website. They have most of the dimensions
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    1995 Hunter Vision 36 Holding Tank

    No I do not know about a replacement tank. I think there is a angle on the starboard side of the tank that makes getting a 25-26 gal tank from off the shelf a little more difficult. If you reduce the size by a few gal. then you can probably get a tank from Ronco. Good luck. I would like to...
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    1995 Hunter Vision 36 Holding Tank

    The tank on these models were aluminum so it is about time that they get replaced. I think they are about 24-26 gal. I just sold my boat last year but as I remember you will probably need to remove the panel aft of the aft bed. Then you will also need to remove the panel that are in the aft...
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    What is this thing on my Mac 26c?

    That is a chimney cap for a heater.
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    Anyone ever removed the shear stripes on a H31?

    Using a wall paper steamer works well. I have also used the "eraser" but it took a lot more time.
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    Battery Plan for Beneteau 43

    Before you invest in a Balmar check with Maine Sail. He may have some other options.
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    Electrics Hunter 41DS 2008

    You may want to check out Alpen Glow lights. They can retrofit some of their technology without major modifications. We had recessed florescent lights. They made replacements with RED leds. I believe that their new stuff can be made with LED's (good quality).
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    Self Tending Jib on 28 Oday?

    Self tending jib is a nice enhancement for single handed sailing. You can chose to run it with a boom or not. Take a look at the Harken website. They have some rigging diagrams . If you need a custom track you can probably get one from Garhauer Marine.